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Appeal Tribunal Decisions

1397jnu.doc . Pichon stated, "I got to get out of this motherf---ing place." There were customers present, and two
1409anc.doc , dispensing medications and doing headcounts. To get the job she only needed to show she had no felony
1435jnu.doc desire of retaining employment... CONCLUSION A worker who quits to get married is considered to have
1436.doc not get through, she could have gone to a local employment service office and asked for their assistance
1445anc.doc an order for a "giant combo" with a cash value of $5.95. The customer did not get the receipt and Ms
1463anc.doc help get her work on the airlines since he works for the "FAA." He gave her his business card. She
1464anc.doc to Mr. Crabtree and told him to “get those niggers working.” Mr. Crabtree relayed this comment to Mr
1465jnu.doc and cooling problems were ongoing since the date of hire. Ms. Cintra began to get migraine headaches due
1467jnu.doc of retaining employment; CONCLUSION A worker who quits to get married has left employment without good
1474jnu.doc . Citron and her fiancé plan to get married in July or August 2002. They do not have a set wedding date
1478anc.doc the family. Her tasks included packing all of the household goods, and getting the house ready to be rented
1484anc.doc inches of Mr. Elliott’s face. Mr. Elliott told him to get his hands off of him. Finally, Mr. Elliott
1489anc.doc not be returning to work--that he wanted to get out of the moving industry. Mr. Humphrey did not tell his
1493anc.doc Ms. Tilly indicated she would not mind having some. When Ms. Jones went to get her Zanax, she
1494anc.doc day during the summer months. They rely on their drivers to get ship passengers to the airport
1509jnu.doc was "getting tired of doing nothing." In a total of eleven weeks of employment, the claimant actually worked
1511anc.doc knew she was concerned about getting a firm location as Ms. Mauldin wanted to obtain her own house
1514anc.doc needed to get together to decide what needed to be done. He was tired of being in the middle. Hank got
1533jnu.doc union. The union representative said that he would get back to him. When he did, the union
1537fbx.doc made to get warm were thwarted by his employer. It is the conclusion of the Appeal Tribunal that Mr
1538anc.doc to him about her evaluation, he only responded that he would get to it. Ms. Wells also spoke with Chris
1557fbx.doc shifts, Ms. Brown noticed that an ear on one of her sons was bleeding from inside. Ms. Brown did not get
1564anc.doc immediate supervisor was Raphael Amejedo, the lead plant operator. Mr. Zarate and Mr. Amejedo did not get
1602anc.doc in getting herself and her eight- and nine-year old children ready to leave. Her eight-year old daughter left
1608anc.doc phone to call the employer to find out when the driver would get to K&L’s location. Mr. Kvernplassen
1644anc.doc said that she would get rid of anyone not tipping correctly. According to Ms. Simpson, Ms. Rusie made
1658anc.doc opinion, Ms. Tomczak had a bad temper that was getting worse. She also cited complaints by other employees
1659anc.doc nursing a two-month old baby at the time and was worried about her child getting sick. Ms. Orrell
1661anc.doc to hiring him. He contends they instead will ask what they can do to get around the third-party restriction
1663anc.doc to get her former employer to hire her brother, which would have allowed them both to work. Ms. Simpson’s
1683fbx.doc the shirts for Monday could have been done to avoid getting behind the following week. As Ms. Seek
1697anc.doc conditions for over a year. Mr. Burden simply remained employed to get medical insurance. This shows
1699anc.doc employment. Ms. Francis had some difficulty getting her medication refilled weekly. However, the employer
1700anc.doc wanted to change careers and get away from the responsibilities of managing. He did not have prospects
1709jnu.doc , South Dakota. She hopes to get a business degree, and start her own business in the future
1710jnu.doc hours, but was getting negative comments about the lack of cleanliness, especially in the clinic. He
1713jnu.doc and could not get up. A passerby stopped to help when she was seen lying on the ground. Ms. Petrilla's
1724jnu.doc . Larsen was not getting along with the other employees””that they had complained he was hard to get along
1729anc.doc or would at times totally ignore him. He suspected the other drivers were jealous of his agreement to get
1737anc.doc and/or starting his own business. He had asked for a raise in early spring 2001 and was told he would get one
1753anc.doc Ms. Bagel on a prior occasion that she did not get along with her assistant. In the past, Ms. Bagel’s
1766anc.doc . He did not want to continue working because he was not getting a full 40 hours of work each week
1768anc.doc was then arrested and jailed from April 30 to June 28. From July 5 to 11, he was in the hospital. After getting out
1786fbx.doc at work and immediately get busy. She did not have time to count the till before the employee(s) she
1791fbx.doc felt he would not get the help he wanted or the pay raise. Mr. Eggleston felt Mr. Bradley
1804anc.doc experienced with the employer. Mr. Jeager currently has his commercial driver license. He is studying to get
1809anc.doc for the actual packing. She often worked overtime on her job, so getting these tasks done while she was still
1812anc.doc departure accordingly. Mr. Kiewit contends it takes 20 minutes to get to work and he left home early
1821anc.doc the tasks. Ms. Mobley eventually explained to Estelle how to get promoted within the system (by doing extra
1823anc.doc . Mr. Bagley tried to get Mr. Stevens to talk about his concerns and ended up putting him on suspension
1840anc.doc . Bullock at first wanted to “call it a day” and get a fresh start the next morning. Eric Veech a fish
1855anc.doc was getting ready to leave, Susan asked him to sign his Reemployment Service Plan (Exhibit 4) to show that he
1865anc.doc was told by the emergency room physicians to get some rest and drink plenty of fluids. She did not have
1876jnu.doc ; and · The worker could not get a leave of absence; or · The nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence
1879fbx.doc work. She has not sought an alternate form of transportation that would get her into the Fairbanks area
1888anc.doc manager. Ms. Taualo had spoken with Mr. Sheehan around August about the need to get the housekeeping
1890fbk.doc . Smith told him to "work it out." He attempted to get along, but became upset about working as a laborer
1894anc.doc was tired, or did not get enough sleep the night before, is generally not a sufficient reason. The worker
1897jnu.doc to get him to perform as instructed. Robert quit that day, but Mr. Mr. Ninemire believes Robert planned
1901anc.doc making a delivery to South Peninsula Hospital. He did not report the injury thinking it would get better
1903fbx.doc to get several days off in July. In March 2001, Ms. Hansen relocated her ailing mother to Oregon so she
1907fbx.doc positions. Ms. Maxwell did not get hired before August 20, 2001 when school resumed. She wanted to work
1912anc.doc . Hodder tried to call Mr. Owens but could not get through to him. He then contacted Tracy Larsen
1931jnu.doc project and told Mr. Delemater "You know where they are, go and get one." Mr. Delemater came back five
1947anc.doc . CONCLUSION The record establishes that Mr. Langford believes he did not get the notice advising
1963anc.doc to laborer. Mr. Prince opted to quit because Mr. Nelson would still be employed. Mr. Prince did not get
1969jnu.doc to any school. They moved on August 30 to get settled, enroll their daughter in school, establish
1979jnu.doc frightened and did not get much rest. They did not want to go outside the building to play during the day
1982anc.doc at the time she did to include 1) not getting a raise to $8 per hour; 2) unhappiness about the male driver
1995anc.doc , kitchen manager, to take time off as needed if he (Mr. Moore) could get someone to cover his shifts. Mr
2013jnu.doc to Mrs. Princic that he “was not getting it.” Testimony, Mrs. Princic. He was held back and did better
2014jnu.doc shift, usually getting off about 6:00 a.m. On September 18, about 3:55 a.m., a man stole several cartons
2020jnu.doc to walk back to town. He did not get back until 8:00 a.m. Ms. Lindberg’s shift began at 5:30, and Mr
2022anc.doc worked overtime on her job, so getting these tasks done while she was still working would have been
2030jnu.doc not get along with the new mate. Mr. Rice informed him that if he could get to Seattle he could change
2034anc.doc and that there was no kitchen helper. The added work did not allow him time to get off his feet. After a few days, his back
2040anc.doc willing to work Friday through Monday. When he worked for the railroad, he was able to get 32 to 40 hours
2042jnu.doc . Later, about 10:30 a.m., David Jensen, project manager, arrived. He told Mr. Jackson to get his tools
2059jnu.doc )”¦ A worker who quits to get married has left employment without good cause, since this can be accomplished
2100fbx.doc on Mondays. However, the mother would get upset if Ms. Tallon did not work because she (the mother) wanted
2102anc.doc tired and to have difficulty getting to work on time. Her immediate supervisor expressed concern about
2106jnu.doc could not get along with Amanda, he would have to let her go. When Amanda arrived at work, Ms. Hatfield
2114jnu.doc that the note was a fake. Because she could not get the time off to comply with her doctor’s instructions, Ms
2117anc.doc as she was worried her jaw could get reinjured. Ms. Hartman’s physical therapist indicated that even
2121anc.doc at work about one hour early so he could get his paycheck and take it to the bank. He asked Mr. Hanley
2129anc.doc ” and left the office. Mr. Borngraeber never got mad or threatened to quit if he did not get the back pay
2148anc.doc (with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s approval), and Mr. Sedivy believed they were getting more
2149jnu.doc upstairs to get shoes with which to stock her department or to respond to a request from a customer. She
2172jnu.doc on a bulletin board. The employees get together every morning for an hour to discuss any problems
2180anc.doc on Wednesday August 22, and did not think she could get it done in time. On Thursday, when the data
2183fbx.doc . Because Ms. West and Ms. Demientieff do not get along with one another, Ms. West did nothing and reported
2187.doc the hostesses correctly. Ms. Simpson told them that Ms. Charalambous had said that she would get rid of anyone
2189fbx.doc . Her knee is not getting better and is, in fact, getting worse. The Tigners have two children under
2196anc.doc any warnings or reprimands about his work. Mr. Spencer attempted to get a drug test at First
2198jnu.doc , it was learned that he had ingested rat poison. Hospital personnel asked her to return home and get the box
2201anc.doc was caused when she fell asleep while she was driving to a convenience store to get something to eat
2203anc.doc 2001 and then had to take time off to get her trailer livable. Ms. Johnson felt she was letting
2215jnu.doc that the two coworkers had taken and hidden them. Neither Mr. Sullivan nor Andy offered any help in getting his
2224jnu.doc . The trooper informed her that he would look into the matter and get back to her. He later reported
2231.doc been credited to the Department at the rate of $50 per day. She protests that she is still getting

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