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2238fbk.doc location, or get a cab to transport her three miles, then take the bus. She would have arrived at work
2239anc.doc contacted her employer to request Monday and Tuesday off so she could get another part-time job. Her shoe
2261anc.doc was still trying to get a bookkeeper and also still determining what jobs would be paid at Davis-Bacon rates
2290anc.doc ). He contends his hand was swollen and not getting any better. Mr. Hamby wanted his hand to fully
2337fbx.doc in the past, and he could get coverage of a pre-existing condition through his union in Oregon. He
2343anc.doc supervise four to ten men, get materials, fill out permits, and oversee certain work. He continued
2349anc.doc that sometimes messages do not get through to cell phones in the Valley area. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.379
2364jnu.doc injured her back on the job in 1995 or 1996. Her back continued to get worse. By the time they left
2364rjnu.doc -week notice). B: I had to get my stuff on shipping. There was just a big storm moving in and we left
2373anc.doc asked why they couldn’t get along in the kitchen; Ms. Olsen insisting in reply that there were
2381anc.doc , he chose to leave by getting a ride with a trucker on the haul road. Mr. Swanson did not tell his
2383anc.doc to get along with a co-worker. Beginning in September 2001, Ms. Kirkwood began to notice a change
2392fbx.doc not believe Mr. Fryer met the employer’s standards or that he showed an ability to “hustle” and get the cars
2399anc.doc is that Ms. Boggess attempted to call her employer on December 2, 2001, but was unable to get through
2401anc.doc hours into his shift on November 8 why he had been away from the bar. Mr. Ridge had gone to get ice
2413anc.doc to get the work done. Also in February, another worker was hired at a higher rate of pay. Ms. Prebbanow
2421anc.doc . Childers about not getting the work done. Mr. Shannon knew or should have known that his failure
0001jnu.doc informed her that she could get her purse and leave the building. The employer discharged Ms. Logan
0002jnu.doc should get help. Mr. Abalama quit attending the weekly AA meetings in May 2001, but he did attend
0003jnu.doc of his and did not leave Alaska until shortly before December 25. Mrs. McCollum left early to get
0005anc.doc to deal with it any longer. She believed Mr. Hall was building a file against her to get her fired
0006jnu.doc problem and takes a blood thinner. On one occasion when she had to go the emergency room, she had to get
0026anc.doc in Anchorage rather than sent to Red Dog Mine. It took Mr. Swett about three hours to get a hold of his parole
0034anc.doc into the WIA program and hopes to get a job that would allow on the job training while being paid to work
0035anc.doc successful on at least one occasion to get several days off. It has not been shown that the hours of work had
0043.doc . Commack was in financial difficulty as he was trying to get airfare to attend the funeral. STATUTORY
0049jnu.doc was getting special treatment, were harassing her. In April, Ms. Chaney had attempted suicide. On December 12
0062anc.doc it would take to get her to stay. Ms.  McWilliams did not provide an answer. Ms.  McWilliams quit her day
0066anc.doc "". At the time he arrived in Alaska, Mr. Brouhard was busy getting documents and résumés ready to submit
0066canc.doc homefillin "" \d "". At the time he arrived in Alaska, Mr. Brouhard was busy getting documents and résumés
0092anc.doc . Varrati whether she would be fired if she did not appear for work or get someone to cover her shift
0104.doc job to help make ends meet, and he was trying to get back on his feet. He did not report these wages
0118anc..doc what that meant. Mr. Cortez suffers from diabetes. He felt his health was getting worse due
0126anc.doc the hearing notice. He is not sure why the notice did not get to him, except that "My girlfriend gets my mail
0133anc.doc to get rid of him (Mr. Osgood). He had been written up for a late arrival, two overages/shortages on his
0136jnu.doc the case. By June 2001, Ms. Rivas knew that her daughter was getting stronger drugs. In early June, Ms
0155anc.doc end. When Ms. Kelso answered the page, she would be asked when she was going to get the rest
0159fbx.doc . While he reported earnings of $0, he did so because he had not been paid and felt he would not get
0186.doc for the omissions other than she did not get paid for several weeks after the work was performed. Ms. Gray also
0194anc.doc , in part, "Before I get in trouble, I guess it is best for me to quit." Mr. Pepper got the fax and asked Mr
0197jnu.doc and spoke with her father, telling him that the note was a fake. Because she could not get the time off
0199anc.doc getting through in spite of screening, and notes still appeared on her car. Ms. Adcock had
0208.doc to Metlakatla in early November 2001, she was unable to get her mailed forwarded to her. Ms. Fredlund had
0220anc.doc . Barker is 67 years old and his wife is 63. His wife has arthritis in her knees which has been getting
0238fbk.doc transportation to work and relied upon the employer's courtesy van drivers to get her to work timely
0254anc.doc was attempting to get permanent custody of his son and did not want to suddenly transfer him to another high
0258jnu.doc with his crew at a different location, and explained to Mr. Kinsey that he could not get his check
0261fbx.doc , or Ms. Smith, the owner of Diamonds and Dreams, to get to work. Ms. OBrien’s timecard showed she
0273jnu.doc to contact VICTOR because his identification code changed, and the claimstaker helped with getting a new code
0282anc.doc told Mr. Phillips he would get back to him after their discussion about the drug test. Mr. Phillips did
0285anc.doc and Gambell. Ms. Haltness determined that she could not get to the meeting in time and so she went home. She
0291jnu.doc . The friend stated that she does that often. Near closing time, Careena told Ms. Lammers she would get even
0294.doc types. The family has two vehicles. Mr.  Ferguson and his wife use the vehicles to get to their jobs. Mr
0302fbx.doc and getting releases. Transactions don’t happen in a vacuum, information can be protected even while
0304anc.doc believed he would not get paid for hours spent working but not driving. This included taking the truck
0312.doc is that of an apartment complex at which he used to live. Because the owner’s girlfriend and Mr. Allen did not get along
0323anc.doc several times over the next ten days. She either could not get through (line busy) or her supervisor
0327jnu.doc . Bentley spoke to her doctor. Her doctor informed her that she needed to get her blood pressure under
0331anc.doc was complete she was put on the graveyard shift and told by a supervisor that she would get a 25-cent raise
0332anc.doc that Mr. Schuitt advised him that he needed to get someone up north to work. He wanted Mr. Douglas to work
0344anc.doc later, the truck stopped and driver got out to look at the damage. As the driver went back to get what
0347anc.doc to get $23.68 per hour and the benefits would be paid into the employer’s 401K account. Mr. Boulden
0360fbx.doc personal vehicle that may have prevented her from using the vehicle to get to work. Edward Graff
0361jnu.doc . Scmitt. She was apparently afraid that she might get into trouble, so she gave the money to Sgt. Scmitt
0365anc.doc physician advised him he needed to “get off his foot” or the healing process would possibly be delayed
0380anc.doc that she did not get along with. Ms. Norris requested several times that she be given a new supervisor. Her
0408anc.doc attention and corrective actions. The two agreed to try to get along. Ms. Stewart is unaware of any formal
0416anc.doc violence charge and he contends his wife was trying to get him arrested again. On the two days before his
0426anc.doc get yelled at for playing the same songs that had been okay before. On December 22, Ms. Johnson’s
0427anc.doc with his mail. He occasionally gets mail belonging to another apartment resident and they may get some
0461anc.doc with the ESD, which is the “I23” lot number. Sometimes Ms. Schwartz gets mail for others in her trailer park
0480anc.doc to move out of the house, I had to get a restraining order on him [her husband] and I needed this extra
0501anc.doc system to get to work. When asked why he was late to work before January 22, Mr. Hayes indicated
0503anc.doc desk). I waited 15-20 minutes to speak with a supervisor but they never answered”¦ When I did get my car
0518anc.doc to get dispatched on a job in Soldotna while he remained in Juneau. There is no indication he inquired
0577anc.doc . Bader’s home. The foreman was upset Mr. Bader had not been at the job shack to get a ride to the job
0590anc.doc required the worker to be absent from work, and the worker could not get a leave of absence or the nature
0627anc.doc information, the employer could have at least placed Mr.  Schwulst on a different field crew to get him away
0631anc.doc was concerned about getting the job done and the owner thought it could be delivered Tuesday. Mr. Sullenger
0642jnu.doc work with 1st National Bank of Anchorage on July 6, 2001 to get married and relocate to you (sic
0644jnu.doc not get any training in her job duties before she quit. On January 3, Ms. Carver wrote a letter to Ms
0676ANC.doc , April 25, 1980, a construction inspector left his employment because he was "getting tired of doing
0689.doc on the employer’s report, it is properly left to investigators within the division to get that information. Once
0716anc.doc . Mr. Tice told him he was unable to get them because Capt. Valerio wanted the papers completed
0726jnu.doc is able to get out of bed for brief periods. Her husband is active duty military, and after the September
0734fbx.doc employee’s work did not get completed. The employer would show on the absent employee’s time sheet
0758jnu.doc disorder (ADD), was not getting the education he needed in Anchorage. When he was in the seventh grade, he
0777anc.doc on the program. To get the modules to point C, he copied the modules from point A to point B, then to point C. Mr
0797anc.doc ” (Exhibit 1). At the hearing she stated she did not get the orientation notice, and may have thrown it away
0809anc.doc with hiring authority at the hotel to check for work, because she did not know how to get to her sister’s
0842anc.doc get the time to count it. The restaurant was short-staffed and she was on the front line assisting
0848anc.doc causing a hotel guest to get checked into a dirty room, causing the hotel to pay overtime due
0865anc.doc in order to “get him off Workers’ Compensation.” Worker’s Compensation applied a temporary, total
0873anc.doc not get around to calling her unemployment insurance call center to file for the skipped week until April
0877anc.doc getting back on his feet. Mr. Andrews’ filing contention is not consistent with the claims for the weeks
0887anc.doc primary purpose was to obtain work, or at least to get a feel for Anchorage. At the time he had
0892fbx.doc because she was unable to get along with her coworkers. On February 15, Mr. Allington (area manager
0903jnu.doc questioned Ms. Soriano about the lack of hours. Ms. Soriano told her that she would try to get her more hours
0922anc.doc and thereafter could only get back onto the bottom of the out-of-work list. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.379

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