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Appeal Tribunal Decisions

0925jnu.doc felt she was not getting enough hours. She, her supervisor, and her sister would work together on three
0930anc.doc that there was a heated shack near the work site where the workers went to eat and to get warm, but that they couldn’t go
0932anc.doc . The employer paid her $8.55 per hour. Ms.  Bradigan quit work to get married to her fiancé who lives in Alaska
0944anc.doc to look at the damage. As the driver went back to get what Mr. Fike believed to be information (name
0950anc.doc overheard mentioned between them that “you sometimes just feel like running into a telephone pole to get
0952anc.doc was getting better. Ms. Flygare gave her resignation notice in part because she did not want to “relapse
0960anc.doc in the office to be more of a team player, get along with her coworkers, and perform her duties as requested. Mr
0962anc.doc driver's license in January 2001 for one year. He has not attempted to get the license back because he
0981jnu.doc , and did not get him the certificate. Mr. Williams did not know that he was certified to drive the forklift
0992anc.doc . The evidence is that Ms. Scott could not get along with a coworker. She brought the matter to the attention
0994anc.doc like it there’s the damn door get the hell out.” Mr. Baker tried to explain himself further
1001anc.doc . Schachle and the hockey coach were not getting along, and the team had eight "veteran" players, which
1005anc.doc . The other employees reported that she had talked about getting a loan to open her own business, and that she
1011anc.doc and check the security of 22 different locations. This required he get out of the car, check doors
1021anc.doc that he needed to take a drug test, get a badge, and find housing in Glennallen because housing
1024jnu.doc believes his son was getting mouthy toward his mother. His wife did not request that he stay in Arkansas
1035anc.doc to him March 26, 2002. Mr. Rastopsoff did not receive the letter. He was getting his mail at a friend’s
1041anc.doc , that another supervisor was working on getting her a raise. The managers of each department hire
1042anc.doc was a probationary employee, and he had difficulty getting along with his co-workers and performing the assigned
1050jnu.doc , and the worker could not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence
1051anc.doc had been doing it for six months as a shift manager. Brenda kept insisting the situation would get
1053anc.doc started work at Dowell, Ms. Goins discovered she could only get about four hours of sleep each day
1058anc.doc had for quitting was that he could not get along with Ms. Hornseth, his direct supervisor since
1072anc.doc . Because of the prior incidents of harassment by Mr. Angel, Mr. Haley asked Mr. Angel to get him a ticket
1076anc.doc shift to work straight through (with two breaks) without taking an unpaid lunch/dinner period to get
1079jnu.doc , and the worker could not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence
1088fbx.doc left the house at least twice to get juice or something from the store. Mr. Nagel has no other people
1092fbk.doc in and there was no telephone number to call. Mr. Hamlin reportedly came to get his paycheck weeks later, and explained that he
1096jnu.doc from work and the worker could not get a leave of absence, or the nature of the illness
1131jnu.doc , and the worker could not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence
1142anc.doc at several locations to walk through deep snow and/or up or down steep embankments to get to the cell-site
1147anc.doc , install it on her machine, and get the email program to function properly. Also, Mr. Brown accused Ms
1155anc.doc and add items that he knew were missing. Mr. Moncuax agreed, indicating his managers were anxious to get
1172.doc [ ] through [ ]? Mr. Gill contends he did not report his work and earnings because he knew he would not get
1182anc.doc in the eye. Every morning Daniel would get “pissed off” at Mr. Johnston when he would not listen to him talk
1199jnu.doc not be available, Mr. Cook relocated to Haines on April 19, 2002. He believes that he can get driving experience
1204jnu.doc in Texas just to get some time off to go on a trip to Montana. · This does not answer the question
1235anc.doc . Moore’s mail mix ups may have caused his failure to get the orientation meeting notice. In Whitlock
1239anc.doc and processing their own payment. Employees on occasion would get drinks for the pharmacists because they would
1277anc.doc in the back area, Jeff sent him home. When Mr. McClue was getting ready to clock out, Judy, station manager
1278anc.doc later in the day on May 7. He basically told her she needed to be a team player and to get along
1279anc.doc or others. Do not attempt to restrain client.” Ms. Stark only intended to defend herself and get the client
1324fbx.doc worked overtime on her job, so getting these tasks done while she was still working would have been
1371anc.doc where the employer remodeled military apartments. To get to work, Mr.  Roche rode his bicycle along
1381r.doc exhibits and was told I would get another hearing in the first part of August and the exhibits were
1387anc.doc and that he had said Mr. Bayless would not get a raise. Mr. Bayless became upset, raising his voice
1390jnu.doc terminated effective immediately. I talked with you several times over the past few weeks trying to get you
1398anc.doc markings on the outside of the envelope. He gets a significant amount of mailings from the Department
1431anc.doc to get license plate numbers, descriptions, etc. Ms. Samel noted that during this time security cameras
1440anc.doc , the client (Providence Hospital) agreed that she needed to go home and they would get another temporary
1459.doc , and that he did not get along with Mr. Tesch from the beginning of his employment. He worked for the employer
1460anc.doc and unable to get out of bed. She went to her treating health care provider, Nicole Thude, Nurse Practitioner
1464ranc.doc and responsibilities. The backs of the notices of hearing provide, in part: PREPARING FOR THE HEARING Get your facts
1468anc.doc moved to Nikiski. She was dependent on her fiancé to get to work because her license was suspended
1472anc.doc , or possibly sooner, if she can get the funds she needs to leave before that. She is relying on a cash
1486fbx.doc allegation was getting worse. She and the other owner, Mr. Swift (located in Washington) decided to discharge
1492anc.doc , and get mentally prepared for school. Ms. Ochap is 20 years old and has briefly attended the University
1497.doc weekly and be paid weekly. Sometimes, he would not get paid immediately. He was not concerned about
1503.doc in question because he felt he needed enough money to live on and this way he would still get some
1508anc.doc . Sanderson understood the letter to be an instructional letter that reminded him of his need to get board
1526anc.doc to get larger because of her pregnancy, her feet hurt and she was not able to reach the pizza counter
1528fbx.doc the meeting and attended on July 1. Ms. Sweat argues that getting the dates mixed up was an honest mistake
1531anc.doc prior to March 2002. Mr. Lupien argues that the employer (specifically, Mr. Rodasky) was “out to get
1537anc.doc not leave his family there alone, since his wife was having difficulty getting around. The family returned
1539anc.doc could not leave his family there alone, since his wife was having difficulty getting around. The family
1552anc.doc not afford to get them fixed immediately. Mr.  Flory found it difficult to sell used cars that would not run
1560anc.doc and had no one that could get his medication for him. He was also offered the ability to contact his
1562anc.doc accounts that kept getting larger. Though she asked for help, she was told the budget wouldn’t allow hiring
1569anc.doc his time in Dillingham getting his gear ready. He returned to Anchorage on July 7. While
1570anc.doc and that he could not go home. Mr. Sieminski told him he had to go home, that he would get a doctor’s note
1571anc.doc . Bergquist did not like to go into work and do nothing yet get paid if it was slow. Mr. Boyd left a message
1595anc.doc that Ms. Arakelian had been getting drunk in Unalaska and embarrassing the agency. Ms. Arakelian has never
1604anc.doc . Puff used to get to work. The decision to quit must be reasonable in view of all the facts
1635anc.doc that she “had better get her act together.” At about 4 p.m. that day, the end of the server’s shift, she
1641jnu.doc decided he needed to get away from the Juneau area as a result of the stress/pressure from his family. He
1664anc.doc that you were not looking for full time work. You said you were concentrating on getting your real estate
1668fbx.doc ). Ms. Hughes quit effective May 16 because she felt she needed to get “acclimated” back to regular
1669fbx.doc that she did not have control over her son (age 24). Mr. Cline then indicated she “had better get f---ing
1690anc.doc was slow. Mr. Lapensee was used to getting the job done. He had been having problems with Zach. Mr
1721anc.doc to quit and get rehired at the other store location. Ms. Salmon visited the Kenai store several days after
1734anc.doc would have to let him go if he kept on getting sick. Two weeks or so after his return to work from
1735fbx.doc and the doctor expected the daughter to get worse over time. Ms. McKinney decided to relocate to Fairbanks
1750fbx.doc . The employer paid him $7 per hour. Mr. Oliver quit work because Mr. Stepovich would get upset on some days
1762anc.doc was hired in mid-2001, the two women did not get along. On July 22, Ms. Ford complained about Ms. Riddle
1787r.doc not get the time and date of hearing . . ..” On October 4, the Tribunal wrote a letter to Mr. Peter
1789jnu.doc if: · The illness actually required the worker to be absent from work; and · The worker could not get a leave
1792jnu.doc of the employees and handling fish tickets. She was also told that she might get a raise once the fishing season
1799anc.doc . Initially, the employer did not want to deal with her attitude or lack of ability to get along with other
1802fbx.doc to meet. She did not get released until July 5, 2002. She pled no contest to the DWI charges. Ms. Stilson
1806jnu.doc , Mr. Sanchez ignored that warning and opted not to set his alarm to get up to notify the employer
1812anc.doc because of pain resulting from his knee injury. Mr. Gamber is unable to get around on his own. He
1825jnu.doc berate Ms. Compton in front of the children. When she discovered she could not get low-income housing, Ms
1851anc.doc reasons. First, he wanted to get his household moved as soon as possible. The claimant and his wife closed
1857anc.doc was. Ms. Belli did not get the message until the next morning. The evening of July 19, Ms. Belli
1869anc.doc adversely affected her health. That the board is tight knit and work and personal life gets mixed does
1870anc.doc 12 to August 1, Ms. Hage planned to finish her summer college classes, tie up loose ends, and get
1873anc.doc the claim form with him, and did not consider contacting a local office in the area to get help in filing
1879anc.doc whatever reasonable action is necessary to ensure he gets to work on time. When Mr. Hartman had not called
1881jnu.doc week before he quit, he asked the manager on duty, Mr. Notter, if he could get a raise. Mr. Notter
1883jnu.doc was the result of a police “sting,” the store could be fined. Mr. Hatch admitted he failed to get

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