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23 0725.pdf to discharge the claimant at that time, as the purpose of the counseling was to get the claimant to improve
23 0780.pdf chances of getting a pilot job when the employer was hiring pilots. The employer told the claimant
23 0781.pdf that the claimant had any reason for not following the employer’s policy and getting her leave approved in advance
23 0809.pdf that his co-workers were treating him differently and that they blamed him for getting the well-liked
23 0828.pdf provided his fingerprints to the employer for the background check. The claimant hoped to get settled
23 0829.pdf provided his fingerprints to the employer for the background check. The claimant hoped to get settled
23 0854.pdf and was required to get a ride to work with a coworker. The employer denied that was true, and held that he had
23 0880.pdf or else he would have to get a baseball bat. Jeff wanted to get a baseball bat to hit Terrance. Adrian
P23 0002.docx purposes. He did not find employment at that time. He did not get an ankle monitor. He did look for work
P23 0005.pdf and other information, and that she has a history of fraudulently getting money from the appellant
P23 0006.docx and abruptly left town. The claimant and other drivers tried to contact the owner and tried to get 1099
24 0005.pdf in person to get further assistance with his login credentials. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.378
24 0016.pdf in such cases are designed to get benefits to unemployed persons as soon as practical. This Appeal
24 0044.pdf because it had snowed and she could not get her car out of her driveway and it would not be cleared
24 0078.pdf the employer that would allow him to get on the union dispatch list. The defining factor in this decision
24 0108.pdf the apartment while the claimant was in the process of getting fully moved and unpacked. The landlord refused
24 0127.pdf to her supervisor that she had adjusted her timecard so she would not get in trouble for being late
24 0128.pdf showing her attempts to get assistance, but no records were provided. PROVISIONS OF LAW
24 0173.pdf of conflict within an office or work group. Not everyone within a work group will always get along with other
24 0201.pdf “everything in her power” to be on time for work on September 13, 2023, such as getting up earlier or calling
24 0225.pdf is not a compelling reason for tardiness, as getting to work on time was within the claimant’s control
24 0281.pdf in this case could not afford gas or bus fare to get to the Job Center without taking out a loan, which he
83UI575.doc of the Anchorage local as the members make more money on the jobs dispatched from Fairbanks, as they usually get
87UCFE1532.doc of them. Mr. Lynch was aware Mr. Burns' "big thing" was getting to work on time, thus when Mr. Burns
87UI2835.doc was looking to get a raise (to what they made). He felt Mr. Aikins viewed this as an act of disloyalty and cut
87UI3367.doc or being discharged by his employer. Since he chose not to get the license the Commissioner held that he
9111530.doc him to get out of her face or she would call the police. At that time he dialed the number and shoved

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