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Decisions of the Commissioner

5160.doc , "I'll get in your f------ face any time I want to." She said, "I'm not signing any g-- d--- written
9007.doc . The claimant herself had received threats in June 1992, to the effect the individual would "get her behind
9413.doc at the time she did because she expected to be getting a plane ticket to Florida at any time, and she
9881.doc delays in getting subsequent mail, such as the Tribunal decision. He also testified he was confused
0703.DOC needed. It would have taken her some time to get to the friend's car, so that the 10 a.m. start time
1507.DOC such conditions may keep her from getting employment. She continues to argue, however, that a major reason
1563.DOC testimony early on in the hearing that she could not get any leave without pay or leave of absence. Toward
1981.DOC center. The employer was aware he had no phone. The next day he did call in, when he was able to get
2083.doc "pushed his friend to the ground to get away from him," and the police were called. His friend then got
2131.DOC an hour earlier in the evenings than her predecessor, so she could get home to her children. She charges
2168.DOC him of her personal problems and that she was trying to get an airline ticket to fly to Oklahoma. She
2266.DOC at the time of discharge that he was getting pressure from his wife to fire her, we do not agree
2567.DOC was only six days late, which is exactly the number of days the notice of determination took to get through
2653.DOC not get to him, except that " My girl friend gets my mail out of my box. She may have misplaced
2695.doc the "circle of safety" when the truck started up, and that in such an area he was not expected to get out
2861.doc not consider contacting a local office in the area to get help in filing a claim. We therefore will not disturb
2927.doc he was trying to get a doctor's verification and was delayed a few days in picking it up because he
3036.doc option and expects to get her degree in December 1994. Under 8 AAC 85.350 ". . .the term 'vocational
3167.doc and Employment Center were closed. He usually takes his claim in to the office and gets assistance with filling
3609.doc not get an answer. We do not believe that reopening of the hearing is justified, nor has the employer
4196.doc not get the notice, and that she had moved to Wisconsin with her family. The evidence presented shows
4433.doc admits he did get one notice from the division approximately a year ago which told him he owed $2400. He
4888.doc to ensure that he and his wife had a way to get back to their home in Juneau and did not get stranded
4903.doc , and is only getting credit for eight hours, we see no justification for denying benefits. As we have
5275.doc were taken away, and where management had expressed a desire to get rid of her. Coady v. Behan, et al
6283.doc to call his friends to come get him so he could watch the rest of it with them. When the employer again
6560.doc she does not have " any recollection of getting any documents telling me I could not collect
6895.doc gets his mail in the camp. He received the claim certification form along with his claimant handbook
7041.doc was trying to get rid of him. His hours were cut back to only a maximum of 16 per week, and he felt
8097.doc to AS 23.20.378. On appeal, the claimant argues she could not get a needed medical release and so felt nothing
9148.doc the decision of the Tribunal. The claimant filed his appeal late because he wanted to get another doctor's
9507.doc satisfy the requirement of a work search as it would get him off "the unemployment rolls." While that may
9533.doc a second job and get a haircut despite giving the claimant long furloughs. The employer knew the claimant
9574.doc ). He was told to go home and get a uniform shirt right after his shift began, but he failed to return
0929.doc , less the percentage contributed by the claimant. The claimant's argument that she could get the entire
0989.doc has been unable to get a disability retirement from the BLM. LAW AS 23.20.378 provides, in part
1014.doc it was "beyond my control to get to a phone." The Tribunal has not had opportunity to consider the claimant's
1579.doc that he should be able to get a work-release in six or seven days plus a day or two of initial processing
1849.doc . The claimant worked up to ten hours per day most days to get all her work done, and took work home on weekends
1979.doc subsequent hospitalization for her mental condition. The employer also made concessions in trying to get
2175.doc such tasks as phoning prospective suppliers and wholesalers, and contacting contractors for whom he might get
2231.doc directly, but indicated he was living in his car and therefore had difficulty receiving mail and getting
2286.doc according to the claimant. Her husband had been residing in Kodiak since June 5, and came back to get her
2337.doc week, and she worked hours during the week that were not conducive to getting personal things done
2430.doc for the actual packing. She often worked overtime on her job, so getting these tasks done while she was still
2621.doc to pay, you know I don’t get per diem for down there and I work out of there quite a bit, that’s a work
2826.doc the next day getting a new drivers license, changing the locks on her doors, etc. She contends she read
2973.doc Association would be ending sometime in October and so he decided to get back on his union's list so he could
2974.doc get into his income with the company and then he just takes a draw out. About $1350 twice monthly. HO
3091.doc would be dispatched. He did not get on the books in Anchorage, because he would then have to drop his
3285.doc the hearing officer if he could get a transcript of the hearing, before the hearing was continued. The hearing
3327.doc for unfair treatment, and that the employer was trying to get rid of her. She sought help through her union
0079.doc continue to file claims, however, and continued to get notices saying benefits were denied. She also got
0318.doc in November 1993. When she did so, however, her health insurance coverage did not get continued due
0537.doc timely, his difficulty in getting an interpreter could have caused him to miss the hearing. He did
0617.doc determination. His reasons for that late appeal, that he was trying to get back-up documentation, do no supply
0624.doc did not get his mail and missed the hearing. At another time, he indicated he was out of town until
0892.doc was told to stay off her foot while it recovered. She could get around some on crutches, but was encouraged
1459.doc get his mail to respond timely to any further inquiries of the division. The controlling regulation
1499.doc and requested he come home, as he needed him. He was concerned that his son was getting involved with an older
1670.doc travel or to get duplicate claim forms on which to file. In the prior appeal, he was prevented from
1799.doc would get no further training or support from his supervisor and he had already received
1995.doc . The claimant indicated he missed the hearing because he was busy working and unable to get home in time
2018.doc transplant operation on November 18, 1996. The claimant also has difficulty getting her mail on time due
2021.doc to get a photo ID. We do not believe, from the evidence presented, that the claimant refused the second
2138.doc was traveling to go to school outside the state and trying to get assistance from his union. Both notices
2139.doc was traveling to go to school outside the state and trying to get assistance from his union. Both notices
2162.doc explanation was that she estimated the hours she worked and did not always get paid promptly. The Tribunal
2183.doc , the closer a worker gets to the end of the notice period, the less effect an early quit or discharge has
2322.doc and property in Nikiski that has a lake and access to a runway. The claimant had hopes of getting employment
2374.doc able to work the shift. She also left a message with a co-worker, asking him to get the message to her
2400.doc did call the Anchorage office where she had filed her claim to get clarification and was told
2414.doc and he could get more electrical training on the job. Although he only earns $12.17 per hour in Ohio, he
2634.doc a total of 25 days and was still training in the position. The supervisor did get requests from
2913.doc after writing the grievance letter and then told him "Let's just get this over right now. You're fired
2995.doc on the workers in getting the mine they were working on ready for production. The claimant was also informed
0011.doc conclusion. He argues that he did make sufficient attempts to get his employer to comply with the agreement
0190.doc not leave until January 9, 1997 because he was waiting for the most affordable flight he could get. We find
0358.doc . Sometimes she was unable to get the needed runners. According to her testimony, this "frustrated" her
0626.doc , and he is on the B list which means he would not get dispatched until A list workers are offered the jobs
0763.doc a medical malpractice suit and also trying to get social security disability and "have just had time
0799.doc he did not receive the hearing notice. He was not sure why the notice did not get to him at the time
0887.doc her husband from whom she was getting a divorce and the illness of her son. She also argues she is bi
0888.doc responsible for either getting permission to participate in such a hearing, or notifying the Tribunal of his
1040.doc to get all three of his shop employees to cooperate with each other and to cease criticizing each other's
1344.doc had informed the claimant that she would not be getting 30% on placements. The evidence shows
1825.doc and possibly even clerical worker or tutor during the upcoming school term. However, her chances of getting
2105.doc temporary job only to get on his union's out of work list and had no definite job offer. In that case
2209.doc missed the hearing due to a court date on that same day at 1:15 p.m. She stated she did not get out
2312.doc . H.R. Mangager (later): We have had a number of people that worked at Bragaw that want to get out
2317.doc forms, but it sometimes takes mail from Alaska eight or nine days to get to him. After the claimant's
2503.doc found his work was not getting done timely. Some tapes were lost and not transcribed at all. He
2707.doc at Taco Bell to get away from her ex-boyfriend who also worked there. She asserts that her ex-boyfriend
0079.doc claims, however, and continued to get notices saying benefits were denied. She also got notices saying
0095.doc she has gotten approval for reducing her hours of class attendance if needed, when she gets work
0137.doc . While a claimant's inability to get required tasks done in the time alloted is not misconduct, the act
0445.doc . On appeal to the Department the claimant states only that he feels it unfair that he could not get
0458.doc with company policy as he should have been. He felt the matter would get resolved after he went to Mona
0559.doc his job because of his employer's "inaction and irresponsible neglect" in getting proper medical
0657.doc only during the off season. Even if the claimant was getting too few hours as he asserts, he did

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