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88-0006.doc are for the employee's attorney's services in getting his compensation rate increased. ORDER 1. The defendants shall
88-0007.doc and effort in getting the respondents to pay medical bills after they had agreed to do so. The record also
88-0009.doc was more accepting of his pain and the need to get on with life. in December 1986 she reported increased
88-0011.doc in his permanent disability? 2. If Employee is eligible for PTD benefits, how long should he get
88-0012.doc who, when they get episodes of esophageal spasm, can get the pain, and obviously at the time that can
88-0013.doc standards are liberal for the purpose of getting to the merits of claims, because complete access to medical
88-0017.doc a piece -- Q. Uh-huh. A. -- that you upend to get it in position to get some fuel to your rig. Q
88-0018.doc just a coincidence. Q. I guess what I'm getting at is how substantial do you believe the acceleration
88-0020.doc $101.00 to get it reinstated. The July 6, 1987 progress report indicates that Employee found a job
88-0027.doc in the top ten percent of his workforce. He said she was a productive, excellent worker who gets along well
88-0031.doc testified that Welch specifically asked him to get a heater and "thaw the water. " He stated he had thawed
88-0032.doc was physically able to get out into the field. The employee argues that her medical benefits should be restored
88-0033.doc ) with the February 17, 1988 hearing. Employee requested time to get an evaluation at the Virginia Mason Pain Clinic
88-0034.doc when he wakes up. As the day goes on it seems to get better and then toward the end of the day it gets
88-0036.doc obstruction, and if we put him on a treadmill and started walking him like this, he would get symptoms. (Dr
88-0039.doc Zumwalt to get some bed rest, not do any heavy lifting and take some muscle relaxants. (Providence
88-0040.doc to a better position. He did manage to get turned around and out of the truck where I -- I held onto something
88-0041.doc (a) concerns modification of awards. A party gets its request before us by application or petition. Thus, we
88-0043.doc hour delay in getting into surgery. (Jewell's April 3, 1987 letter). According to Mark L. Jewell
88-0044.doc months, a relatively long period of time. However, we also find some of the delay in getting
88-0048.doc over in an uncomfortable position wiring the motor. When I got it done is -- went to get off the motor
88-0052.doc pay attorney's fee or interest. Employee's attorney had to perform additional work to get Employee
88-0055.doc to play the game, but his team would have to forfeit if he had not played. He stated he could hardly get
88-0057.doc attorney. After getting the claims managers required approval, she mailed the Employee a check for $53,000
88-0060.doc participated in the hike and did not know the applicant injured himself. He said he didn't get notice
88-0061.doc 1978 he also noticed his hands getting cold and his shoulder becoming painful as he approached his
88-0067.doc continued getting manipulated by Dr. Barrington. When he submitted his "physician's report" on August 1
88-0070.doc getting chiropractic manipulation on an as-needed basis. #4: Treatment should be conservative orthopedic
88-0081.doc would not expect him to get worse. (Id. at 16). She rated the permanent impairment of his back injury
88-0082.doc "is still able to play golf and seems to be getting around reasonably well but he is quite concerned
88-0083.doc feet. The pain is noted when he gets up and begins to walk; he walks 10 to 12 steps and then the pain
88-0098.doc notes for July 14, 1972 indicate both of Employee's knees were getting progressively worse, more sore
88-0105.doc of time. I think he he'd be better off getting into something a little lighter and he already has
88-0107.doc , and the exposure he is getting to many different work experiences. Ms. Olsen indicates that Mr. Eriksson's
88-0108.doc is to drive vehicles on and off TOTE vessels. Specifically, the car gang's job is simply to get in the vehicle
88-0109.doc , reflex changes in the legs, and then later on as the disc gets worse and worse and compresses more
88-0110.doc another doctor for a second opinion." (McEvoy April 13, 1986 report). Employee continued to get
88-0113.doc reported an injury to his back, incurred while getting out of a car used in his job duties. The injury kept
88-0114.doc or four hours I am really in pain, will be getting a letter from Dr. Miskovsky verifying it." Ms. Willmann
88-0120.doc claimants to get at least something in the many controversial oases where there is serious doubt whether
88-0124.doc is concerned about her, and she thinks they want to hire some new employees and get rid of her. She describes
88-0126.doc was getting worse. Dr. Shields placed Employee on a no-work status. (Shields Dep. P. 10). Defendants resumed
88-0127.doc the limited retroactivity of Suh did not apply to him, he still gets Grant benefits. Employee argues
88-0135.doc decompression would help his symptoms or at least keep him from getting worse. In terms of Sammy returning
88-0136.doc and would like to have this taken care of as soon as possible so that he can get on to a normal life. I
88-0137.doc . at 53-54). Applicant does not believe that Employee was an invalid. Employee was close to getting his
88-0138.doc was not listed in Best's, she did not get a raise, and her bonus was less than it would have been otherwise (Id
88-0139.doc only one interview. He believed his back status kept him from getting work as a result of his interview
88-0140.doc and "told him to finish his chiropractic treatment and get back to work. He went back to work on the 6th
88-0149.doc a salary in addition to the commissions. Employee stated: "I was just trying to get a few extra dollars
88-0150.doc , and asked for help getting the information. When Murphy had not responded to Dalrymple's request by April 8
88-0151.doc this, it is often argued that to permit compromises will enable claimants to get at least something in the many
88-0155.doc had that loss of flexion? Q. Well, let me -- let me start at this point and then I may get
88-0156.doc that Employee was getting along relatively well. On January 21, 1987 we approved a Compromise and Release (C&R
88-0161.doc contentions in this case with respect to hyperventilation. Normal people in his age group do not get those
88-0163.doc the family up there and get established, and get started in the spring semester on the right foot without
88-0167.doc cryoanalgesia as the selected form of facet denervation, he would anticipate that she could get as much as two
88-0172.doc program for the shoulder and had him try Anaprox 275 mg. on an intermittent basis if he gets more shoulder
88-0173.doc claimants to get at least something in the many controversial cases where there is serious doubt whether
88-0179.doc . Employee's doctor recommended that he get counseling about his psychological problems, so he was seen
88-0182.doc figure? A. It is deducted from that amount. Q. Okay. So put another way, in order to get that $54,000
88-0187.doc . She testified that before leaving for Houston, Texas, she had to get the AIM's board of director's
88-0190.doc further testified he attempted to get Employee to sign an Employer injury report indicating the injury
88-0191.doc was examined by Harry Olson, M.D., after allegedly getting into an altercation with three police officers. (Id
88-0192.doc his business because his daughter was getting older and he wanted to spend more time with his family
88-0193.doc long-term or even immediate plans to get into something that's less demanding, because they're at risk
88-0198.doc of his injury. Moreover, he has received benefits continuously since December 1984. Since he still gets
88-0199.doc . . . taken a lot of time off from work due to my pain, and I kept hoping that my condition would get better
88-0200.doc , 1987, Mr. Wagg talked to the adjuster about the benefits and the employee's efforts to get approval
88-0201.doc ? A. Well, I think that that's just when you get down to the basics in regards to this case
88-0203.doc at this time. However, we will consider finding Aaron, Inc. liable once we get more substantial evidence
88-0206.doc to request and prepare for a hearing in order to get the claim resolved. There was a considerable lapse
88-0208.doc that hopefully will help him get rid of his discomfort and will prevent it from happening. Will see him
88-0209.doc any pressure on his neck, his neck gets better. Nevertheless, even with non-activity, he continues
88-0210.doc was boring, and it was quite hot in her office. Furthermore, she did not get along well with Mr. Buck, her
88-0211.doc and less expense to get to than Anchorage. However, Employee's attorney is located in Anchorage. Admittedly
88-0213.doc to do a certain kind of exercise to his back in order to get him ready to do some kind of gainful work
88-0215.doc , 1988. Dr. Heston felt that Employee's condition was getting better. (Dr. Heston dep. p. 28
88-0220.doc to continue treating Employee even though Wetherhorn did not know if he would get paid. However, in February
88-0225.doc on the Alaska ferry. He visited several doctors but was unable to get adequate treatment. He then checked
88-0226.doc know why some people get coronary heart disease quicker than others." (id. at 20.) Dr. Salness
88-0227.doc said that in January 1987, she tried to get Faro into an on-the-job training program at the Travel
88-0228.doc pounds and was getting close to his pre-injury status. Finally, Dr. Lanzer testified that by at least
88-0229.doc the employee get into a physical fight with Choe previously at the Imperial Palace Restaurant and with another
88-0230.doc originally thought. Eric (Employee's attorney) is going to attempt to get all bills itemized." On December
88-0233.doc to the Alaska Workers' Compensation Board for help, help they apparently did not get even after being assured
88-0235.doc ? A. No. it's called a nerve root. It's called an L-5 nerve root. Q. So then getting back to your chart
88-0236.doc him across some forms and on to the ground. (Pates dep. at 7). He stated that he could not get out
88-0238.doc with the hearing. We reopened the record twice in an attempt to get additional information from the Applicant. We
88-0239.doc on me. I'm usually the one that gets the phone call from the person later on saying "Gee, I didn't like
88-0240.doc Dep. at 5-6). He further indicated that fisherman at the Orange Cove cannery get charged $6.50 per
88-0242.doc a collagen disease workup or possibly get a consultation." (Report of November 14, 1984). When severe
88-0245.doc to get to work and two hours to return home. For a lady nearly sixty-five years of age, this would seem
88-0252.doc and that she was getting progressively worse. (Id.). Dr. Berkeley discussed the possibility of surgery
88-0254.doc a retreader could steadily earn $8.75-$9.00 per hour. A shop foreman could get $9.00 an hour and a shop
88-0260.doc of limp around like there was something wrong, but held go down to the bar and get real smashed
88-0281.doc will enable claimants to get at least someth”‹ing in the many controversial cases where there is serious doubt
88-0282.doc . Mrs. Rasuh testified she sent the packet of information, necessary to get a waiver, to our Fairbanks
88-0283.doc and get back on the job setting, as that time approaches, then that brings out another flurry of pain
88-0299.doc time later, Dr. Horning found the employee's condition to be the same and expected her to gradually get

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