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Appeal Tribunal Decisions

2450fbx.DOC some hand movement would have been required as a front end or exist door worker, or even getting
2467anc.DOC the color and/or fit of her attire, etc., and suggested they should "get together." Ms. Cahill considered
2474.doc . He had no intention of trying to get "$800" from the Department that did not belong to him. Mr
2497ANC.DOC to anyone other than their own employees. While Ms. Brooks may have felt under pressure to get the work done
2507anc.doc “had to get out of there [work] before something happened.” Later, Ms. Mackerl’s coworker and friend
2513jnu.doc shift. He then reported that he went upstairs to give a nurse condiments, and to the freezer's to get
2519anc.DOC was not allowed to get the rest she required. Workers’ loud after work parties interrupted Ms. Toloff’s rest
2533JNU.DOC the ditch and towed into Tok. It took him another five days to get it repaired. By that time, he decided
2558FBX.DOC undermines his credibility. Ms. Dunham believed certain employees were “out to get her fired” because
2580int.doc that he would probably be able to get home at least once during the week, and that he would be home
2592anc.doc was not able to provide any reason for taking the time off except he needed to “get his head together
2598JNU.DOC , came to his home to get the key to the manlift. Mr. Sivertsen had mistakenly taken the key home
2599INT.doc to be absent from work; and · the worker could not get a leave of absence; or · the nature of the illness
2603.doc . At the end of their discussion, Ms. Wolcott agreed to get her expense accounts up to date and also to take
2610ANC.DOC to feel stressed and was worried about a relapse. She felt she needed to get out of the Anchorage area
2626ANC.DOC to get to the bank soon enough that his check cleared. On October 29, 1999, Mr. Kelly issued the next pay
2659anc.doc supervisor did not like her and wanted to get rid of her (Ms. Goodwin). The supervisor had previously
2669FBX.DOC . Rogers believed Mr. Warbelow was “elusive” and hard to get in touch with. Mr. Rogers knew Mr. Warbelow
2674ANC.DOC she needed the money, she did not want to get her employer in any trouble, and she felt the customers
2684anc.doc her, she simply stated they had better not lest they get into trouble. The employer concluded
2693anc.doc to get Mr. Waterhouse who arrived and calmed Abe down. Abe returned and again apologized to Mr. Ollivier
2700.doc worked. Her only explanation was that she estimated the hours she worked and did not always get paid
2709ANC.DOC new policy as follows: [T]he closer a worker gets to the end of the notice period
2735ANC.DOC a baby sitter, Ms. Marks still refused to work. She then told the employer she could not get along
2745anc.doc that some employees disliked Ms.  Stallings and were “out to get her.” Ms.  Stallings agreed she had problems
2750int.doc from paychecks for one month. It took one or two months for Ms. Wiitala to get reimbursement
2755jnu.doc the problems with the car, or to use legal means to attempt to get the other car back. Ms. Schmoke decided
2764int.doc family. His parents are getting older, and he wanted to live in closer proximity to them. He also wanted
2791cjnu.doc that he became so fatigued by the long hours, with no days off, that he was afraid he might get hurt. He
2791jnu.doc was afraid he might get hurt. He believes other people have been hurt in the logging business because
2797ANC.DOC night shift because she lacked night child care. The supervisor tried to get Ms. Williams to use her
2811anc.doc . Later, Mr.  Eunice decided to quit. Mr.  Eunice quit because he was not “getting along” with the owner
2827int.doc the female operator. The comment was to the effect that she had used various parts of her body to get
2839anc.doc to get dispatched on a job in Soldotna while he remained in Juneau. There is no indication he inquired
2841JNU.DOC . On November 15, Ms. Chase called one of the supervisors, and asked about it. The supervisor said she would get
2847anc.DOC search as it would get him off "the unemployment rolls." While that may be true, we have long held
2848anc.doc before or after work. Mr.  Galvez later changed his mind about getting married. In compliance
2858anc.doc from his work site location being moved across the base so it took longer to get to work. He contends
2859anc.doc residence. Mr. Taylor did not get along with a Filipino employee of the hotel. When he arrived at the hotel
2862jnu.doc to the owners being overextended, and not managing the jobs effectively. He sometimes wouldn't get back
2864fbx.doc him to pack and get ready to leave the job site. Mr. Haynes indicated Mr. Schaller was not fired
2877anc.doc visitation every other weekend. Ms. Larrassey found she was getting home at 9:30 p.m. or later every night
0006anc.doc p.m. to get to the heliport and ride the helicopter back to the east side of the inlet. Ms. Blades
0007Ranc.doc not get to me in time because you have my address wrong and my neighbors have been receiving my mail. Ms
0011fbx.doc him to get to most job sites within the Fairbanks area. The Employment Security Division’s Benefit
0028anc.doc when she did (see Missall cited above). Ms. Gangi’s attempt to get her job back so soon after quitting
0029anc.doc the weather makes it difficult for Mr. Olson to get to the postal service center to pick up the mail. Mr
0033anc.doc to complete his job assignment from two days earlier, Mr. Lindberg said, “I’ll go get my stuff.” Captain Davis
0046ANC.doc . Garcia arrived in the Philippines late on November 19, 1999. He was not able to get to his mother-in-law
0052.doc , that his friend would be able to get Mr. Sedano a job with the company. He quit his employment
0058jnu.doc . Curl, and they appeared to get along well. However, when they worked at the site together
0069ANC.doc September 18 through October 2. Because he was hoping to get his job back with Nana/Marriott, Mr. Mazonna
0072ANC.doc , and he decided not to knock on the door and wake someone up to get back in to use the telephone. He did
0091INT.doc . Sullivan admits she did not get paid benefits for her claims that fell in the six-week disqualification
0096INT.doc , and the worker could not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence
0100anc.doc 24. Mr. Weaver testified he decided to ask for that week off to get married. Mr. Weaver’s testimony
0110anc.doc service was friendly. Ms. Roberts responded that Ms.  Kistler acted in the “norm you get from waitresses
0116int.doc to have a North Carolina drivers license. It takes 30 days to get the license. Ms. Uhlig had to pack
0118int.doc that if Mr. Finau was getting beverages for his tables, he was required to serve the food to the other tables
0119jnu.doc problems ”“ we discussed it prior to beginning work. We agreed to try it. I was missing work from getting
0128ANC.doc . (the owner’s grandson and also an employee) that he (Mr. Staser) would immediately get rid of Mr. Morris
0130fbx.doc successful in her efforts. Also, she felt she needed to raise her voice on occasion to get a child’s
0166jnu.doc not improve, she could "move on." He also told her to "get out." He was aware that she planned to leave
0168jnu.doc that when she was well enough to be able to get on an airplane, she may have to leave Aniak for a period
0175.doc that the employer could have appealed this matter and then asked for an extension to get in further argument, before
0183ANC.doc . Colby did not get his water truck fueled by September 18. He complained to the owner, Mr. Davis, about
0184anc.doc . Ms. Moore attempted to aid Ms. Petrilla but was unsuccessful in getting the other tellers to help out
0203ANC.doc was not part of his job description. He contends his job description included only getting parts, stocking
0209jnu.doc was ordered, at the threat of losing his job, of using his own truck to get supplies and materials; · payday
0216ANC.doc . Holtmann, quality control manager, approached and told the men to get to work. They each began their duties
0217anc.doc she was tired. Becoming over-tired causes Ms. Hull to get flu-like symptoms. Ms. Hull has hepatitis
0218FBX.doc apparently tried to get away from or complain about Ms. Kosal. The employer fired Ms. Kosal on December 20
0221anc.doc required to work from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. She did not believe she would get the desired exposure
0225anc.doc not have the help needed to get the customer’s orders completed. Mr. Cissney was unable to aide Ms
0227anc.doc was an out-dated number belonging to Ms. Hohn’s ex-husband. Ms. Hohn did not get the message until January
0230anc.doc .  Phouksouvath against getting into confrontations with employees. These counselings occurred after Mr
0243anc.doc prodding, you have developed a severe case of doing just what you think you can get by with. And you have
0260jnu.doc transportation or his bicycle to get to work. Sometimes the bus would be late, leading to him being late for work
0262anc.doc get a ride from a coworker in the evenings, but he charged her $5 per ride. A taxi cost $12 to $14 one
0271anc.doc on January 4, 2000.fillin "" \d "" He quit that work because he was not getting full-time hours. Mr. Edwards
0274anc.doc angry and told her not to “confuse herself with an executive.” Ms. Robison understood she would not get
0306anc.doc to get settled in and complete some paperwork before beginning school on January 24. He spent January 15
0307anc.doc statement. Ms. Jungwirth can get through the Victor filing system in about two minutes because she knows
0316anc.doc with moving, he had been wanting to get out of the industry, and the incident just pushed him out quicker
0323anc.doc spun around and got stuck in a pile of snow. He was able to get free after about six or seven minutes
0348anc.doc ), Mr. Whalin worked extra hard and through his employer-paid break periods to get the painting done
0365fbx.doc adequate transportation to get to work, Mr. Humes had told her to take three days off. She had his
0366int.doc not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence would
0370anc.doc and Chugach areas, through which Mr.  Wetherhorn would have had to drive to get to Anchorage, were being
0400jnu.doc in an attempt to “get rid” of her. On February 5, Ms. Stephens came to work, as was her custom, about 30
0428anc.doc relationship. Ms. Tripp’s friend needs assistance keeping track of medication, preparing meals, and getting
0436anc.doc , ”˜This gentlemen is going to have difficult problems with his feet. I recommend that he tr(y) to get into an area
0457anc.doc . Lindgren to get struck against a dike. He was not cited by Nana-Purcell Security as being at fault
0459anc.doc in Kake to get ready to attend the school in Seward. He wanted to further his education and learn a skill
0468anc.doc the requirement of a work search as it would get him off "the unemployment rolls." While that may be true, we
0479jnu.doc symptoms of a locking jaw (TMJ) problem that she gets while under stress. Ms. Burns has a 17 year-old son
0492anc.doc and not getting paperwork faxed on time. Ms. Forbes disagreed with the allegations and spoke to management who
0494anc.doc because he was trying to get ready to go to Utah. He went to Utah only for personal reasons, i.e.
0500anc.doc employees anyone getting caught will be discharged. Mr. Doll knew he could lose his job but believed he
0501anc.doc "" \d "" fillin "" \d "". On January 30, 2000, Ms. Smith hit a moose and was unable to get to work

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