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Appeal Tribunal Decisions

0372fbx.doc . Button about her, and opined that she did so in an attempt to get Ms. Goodale’s full-time position. Ms
0373fbk.doc not get along with fellow employees. However, Ms. Oehrig denies the allegations because she believes she
0411jnu.doc was getting into trouble. He decided to leave Alaska for a warmer climate and a place where he believed his
0413anc.doc she had not been chosen for a promotion to shift leader. Ms. Bellmay had been hoping to get
0422anc.doc the employer was trying to get rid of her because of two previous counselings, the most recent warning her
0424fbx.doc and the employer did not get along well because Mr. Fenwick had trouble learning the trade. PROVISIONS OF LAW
0437anc.doc specialist in early April. When he gets ill, he is ill for three or four days. At the conclusion
0445anc.doc for her maternity leave. Ms. Acehson did not get the MIT position upon her return to work because she
0447jnu.doc to get her to quit. 1. When the board believed that some money and liquor were missing, they installed
0458.doc to investigators within the division to get that information. Once it is obtained or the employer is questioned
0467anc.doc , he was able to get sufficient rest and began to feel better. He felt calm enough to work full-time
0468anc.doc discussed the draw the following day, indicating he should have waited for her to get the draw. Mr
0473anc.doc would get involved with the types of problems that he was having at the work site. PROVISIONS OF LAW
0476anc.doc in getting the cable project redone without revealing her involvement. Mr. Nichols informed Mary that he
0477jnu.doc a student loan. It would give him not only a license to instruct for airplanes but get him up to date
0497fbx.doc environment did not improve or got worse. Ms. Ethington believed her manager, Ms. Johnson, tried to get
0518.doc blacked out for several seconds. He admits he was in the ditch but was able to get out and back
0522anc.doc into the bar to get dishes, deliver meals, or have a cigarette. Ms. Wisthoff contacted the Alcohol Beverage
0529.doc to investigators within the division to get that information. Once it is obtained or the employer is questioned
0543anc.doc error in believing he could do his job as a bus driver even after he did not get very much sleep
0550anc.doc and a feeling that they were trying to get rid of him. There were a number of accusations brought against him
0564anc.doc after issuance of the September 19, 2000 determination because thought he would easily get another job
0566anc.doc to the other location. The other register gets more direct outside air and is colder. Because of the PIC’s
0578w.doc . As the claimant in this case apparently did not get his mail for such a reason, we conclude his failure to appear
0580anc.doc , he believed he might get hurt worse if he stayed with this job. He was one of the older workers
0604jnu.doc . Killian initially discharged her because Ms. Killian wanted to get rid of her. Ms. Edenfield had spoken
0614anc.doc , 2000, but did not recall getting a claimant handbook. He has not had any trouble with his mail since he
0640fbx.doc ) was getting the entire five percent commission on a sale completed earlier. Mr. Taylor explained
0670anc.doc drinking and drugs in the kitchen. Her prior manager had told her that the new management wanted to get rid
0671anc.doc miles. Mr.  Stevenson’s truck gets about 10 miles per gallon. A single 260-mile round-trip commute used
0683anc.doc significant other picked her up. A taxi to her home cost about $15. Ms. McKenzie also had a hard time getting
0689anc.doc to getting his children to school on time; d. Mr. Felder would make up the time during lunch
0694anc.doc strong pain medication. She tried to get more time off work but was denied that request. She was also
0697anc.doc human resources to intervene in regards to a coworker’s failure to get adequate training, yet
0730anc.doc justification. Although Mr. Rodriguez complained, the plant superintendent refused to get involved
0762anc.doc coworkers. Coworkers, who apparently did not want Ms.  Crowden to get work hours, at times yelled at her
0776jnu.doc reached the standards she set. In some tasks, however, she seemed to get better, and then digressed. Dr
0777jnu.doc get back to him. He received no further contact. He did not follow up on his request because he
0782anc.doc get either a “free one” or a warning. It appeared to Mr. Morgensen that Mr. Kendall showed no remorse
0785fbk.doc and she did not get the opportunity to explain the reasons for quitting. She returned to the business
0787anc.doc was not getting better. She was taking a lot of prescription and over-the-counter pain medication. She had seen
0810anc.doc them back about six weeks in getting the theatre on line... [Mr.  Fletcher] just ran out of time during
0817anc.doc daughter was able to get out of her wheelchair. Currently, Ms.  Carroll is willing and able to work full
0817canc.doc was not able to return to work until the end of April 2001, when her daughter was able to get out of her
0829anc.doc . Kallio to get his things together and leave the work site. Mr. Kallio admits that he wanted to quit
0833anc.doc of Alaska Anchorage to get his Praxis scores. However, the university was unable to locate the actual test
0834anc.doc Security Division (AESD) that she quit work due to the following: To get ready to move out of state
0843fbx.doc warnings + explanations of what her job consisted of. Things were not getting done on her shift. Mainly
0856.doc . Whitlock said she did not file her appeal within the 30-day filing period because “She did not get
0858anc.doc representatives in the meeting tried to get her to stay and complete the meeting. Ms.  Amin would not stay
0858ranc.doc to get him up with the cab driving ringing the door bell to pick him up for school and the child was yet
0862jnu.doc was getting very close to losing his license. He had an additional 20 to 30 hours that he needed and very few
0874fbx.doc . She said to Ms. Seymour, “Get off your ass and put this stuff away.” Ms. Seymour assisted a customer
0879fbk.doc not know why the employer decided to replace her. The manager informed her that she tended to get
0888jnu.doc husband wanted her to stay home with the children, and she felt that she would be able to get started
0897anc.doc to the bathroom to get ready for work. She became very upset and started crying and shaking. Ms. Smith decided
0910anc.doc . Hume did not get her car until early May. She kept in contact with the DA who continually told her “any
0913anc.doc employees were expected to help get The Diamond Rose ready for reopening. Ms. Green was scheduled to work
0934anc.doc but a technician might declare them unusable just to get “free” computer parts. Both Mr. Netherton and Mr. Jacobs
0938jnu.doc to get to her rural location. Ms. Worley received and read the notice of determination. She decided
0951jnu.doc . Villagers came to get him for medical help when no one else was available. The other health aids travel
0952jnu.doc . Villagers came to get him for medical help when no one else was available. The other health aids travel
0963anc.doc notified. Prior to travel, Ms.  Holland attempted to get the case heard telephonically but was unsuccessful
0971jnu.doc . He worked three days during week ending April 14, 2001. He worked various jobs getting the ship
0990jnu.doc the work was too dangerous. He also quit his employment because the captain and him did not get along
1028anc.doc he was getting. When the men finished their conversation, Mr. Allen reviewed his pay stubs
1035fbx.doc purportedly told Ms. Henson, “Get off your high-horse.” Other workers complained to management, i.e., Ms
1039anc.doc with attendance. He informed Ms. Estrada to document and get signed reprimands on A and/or B to ensure
1042jnu.doc with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She quit work with two-weeks notice because she was not getting enough
1051anc.doc it might be a problem but only because the bank was getting ready for conversion to Wells Fargo
1054anc.doc position. Ms. Reyes indicated she could not work for $7.50 per hour as she had been getting $8.25 per hour
1056jnu.doc themselves in the cooler. Ms. Brown called the main store’s front booth, but was unable to get anyone
1081anc.doc quit because she did not feel she would get the support from the attorneys she worked
1115anc.doc you feel you need to do! You should get that okayed with Dave [Dave McDonald, sales manager]. Ms
1128anc.doc . Also, Ms. Jackson’s truck is having mechanical difficulties, and it only gets 8 miles to the gallon
1142anc.doc , the January 2001 incident (several men out back whistled and tried to get in the hotel) occurred. Ms
1156anc.doc not give specific examples because he tried to ignore Mr. Henrich. Mr. Henrich admits he would get upset
1156canc.doc to ignore Mr. Henrich. Mr. Henrich admits he would get upset with Mr. Crosby when the work was not done
1165anc.doc hearing (on a work separation issue) and trying to get welfare assistance through the Ninestar program. He
1175anc.doc at the hospital. Mr. Denardo was told to drink lots of liquids, get rest, and stay warm. He went to bed about 7:00
1183jnu.doc suffered. Ms. Magner-Wood took some time off in January to try to get her condition under control. When
1189anc.doc told him to get the handcart. Mr. Espalin backed up, got the cart, and then proceeded to go between
1199cjnu.doc , or until she could get back to Emmonak. "Sophie" informed her supervisor, "Carol," of the arrangement
1199jnu.doc for approximately two weeks, or until she could get back to Emmonak. "Sophie" informed her supervisor, "Carol
1205anc.doc or June 2001. Mr. Stackhouse lives in Wasilla. He contends he had to borrow money for gas to get to town
1208anc.doc 35). Ms. Starks contends she did not get either letter. The letter required Ms. Starks to submit
1241jnu.doc has a 17 year-old daughter residing in Oregon with her mother. His daughter does not always "get along
1267anc.doc the receptionist was not at work when he called each day. He did not get a copy of the company’s policy. Mr
1281anc.doc mother may also move to Fairbanks after her daughter gets there. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.379
1303fbx.doc to spend time researching and learning how to get into those fields. He did not believe he could do
1304anc.doc an apartment in early March 2001 without first getting a security deposit. She also took a post-dated check
1316jnu.doc but you may need to speak to a supervisor to get his claim backdated." There is no indication
1321anc.doc to the platform. Mr.  Scroggins could not get an earlier flight because he had to have his wife drive him
1324anc.doc in getting the boat ready ahead of time. Before making the decision to quit, Mr. Chapin did not discuss his
1356anc.doc not contact his employer on April 8. On April 9, he called to get several more days off but was told he needed
1357anc.doc just gotten off duty and getting into his private vehicle. She had heard earlier in the week
1360anc.doc was frustrated in her job, was not getting enough help, was accused of not doing her job, and heard rumors about
1373anc.doc told her how beautiful she was, and disrupted a meeting in order to get her a chair. The woman felt
1382anc.doc . Villarreal did not get along with the new chief and disapproved of his cursing and swearing. Mr. Higginson
1384anc.doc to be caught in the middle when she did not get the work done for one or the other and even received reprimands

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