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0854.DOC at the work schedule and get back with her. On March 20 at 3:00 p.m., Ms. Dwyer appeared without
0873JNU.DOC dock. Mr. Jensen was attempting to get the operator to move the vessel so that he could park his plane
0899JNUB.DOC . Rumfelt knew the name of the new regional manager, but did not know how to get in touch with him. When he
0920ANC.DOC not get the message sent to her address by ESD on February 19, 1998, advising her of the extended benefits
0923ANC.DOC employment as he was trying to get his mind in order. Mr. Johnson is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Had
0929ANC.DOC to go back to work for two months because I haven't had a provider for my daughter. And when I get off
0934ANC.DOC . Schoendaller asked "Or else what?" Ms.  Hillary indicated she would get her own way. Ms. Schoendaller
0936ANC.DOC support to get him medical care. When Ms. McIndoo filed by phone on April 20, 1998, she realized she had
0952ANC.DOC indicated he was a "f--king liability" and "f--king stupid." The claimant believed he would get no further
0959FBX.DOC was getting a new stove. Mr. Green agreed to meet with Ms. Yow on January 21, but then did not show up. He
0975.DOC with work. He was also told he would get health insurance benefits. Neither of those conditions
0986.DOC approximately December 10-17, 1997. It was paid for by Mr.  John's union, Laborer's Local 942. He did not get
1006INT.DOC not tell Ms. Anthony that to get points she had to sign the authorization line herself. PROVISIONS OF LAW
1010ANC.DOC -free living to allow Mr. Sellers and his family time to get back on their feet. After moving to South
1014.DOC . Before he quit, Mr. Clark asked his supervisor if he could retain full time work so that he could get
1028.DOC anywhere from several weeks to several months to get to Alaska and vice versa, depending on how it was sent
1029ANC.DOC . Shearer was hourly, she would either get paid overtime for the Saturday work or take the following Friday
1032FBX.DOC offered) with this customer in the past without ever getting the impression that her statements were being
1051JNU.DOC other than sore feet, Ms. Nicolie felt she needed about a week off work in order to get caught up
1062ANC.DOC management’s denial of his February  1998 leave request. Also, he was getting tired of the 50 to 100 degrees
1069ANC.DOC at the restaurant on April 14th and how long it took him to get into the building. At first during the hearing, he
1079JNU.DOC was told not to get involved, to let Ms. Davis and Ms. Alred work it out between themselves. Ms. Davis
1089.DOC , and had heard rumors that the union was beginning to get calls. Had he continued to work at K  & L
1109JNU.DOC told him that they had been trying to get rid of him because he was not doing his job. Either Mr
1120ANC.DOC was being discharged. Mr. Marjoe said that he had warned Mr. Tapley that things would get back to him about
1128ANC.DOC him to get well. Mr. Jones did not recall the April 6 phone call. Sometime after April 8, Mr. Jones
1143FBX.DOC transportation to get to work four days after she quit, of which two were a weekend. Furthermore, Ms. Jackson
1144ANC.DOC roommate. The roommate advised Mr.  Vogelheim to get in touch with his family (Mr. Vogelheim's) who lived
1145ANC.DOC discovered her paycheck would still not clear. Ms. Alvarez finally had to drive into Anchorage to get
1149.DOC 33 overtime 4/14-4/27 24.0 regular 7.5 overtime Mr. Anderson felt he was not getting enough
1167ANC.DOC was still carried as an employee, and would have to resign to get his profit-sharing funds. Mr. Dafoe
1174FBX.DOC could have a couple bottles of wine. Mr. LaFave told him to go ahead and get two bottles of wine
1185ANC.DOC to her tendency to wander or get off track during their conversations. Finally, Ms. Brandal failed
1189ANC.DOC admits that she had problems getting ready for work in the morning and arriving on time. Once her
1191ANC.DOC good, but needed to get his water and waste water certificate updated and issued for Washington work
1195ANC.DOC . Kroth believed Mr. Syverson was out to get her son expelled from school by encouraging the teachers
1225ANC.DOC . Upon her arrival in Denali Park, in late April 1998, Ms. Smith was busy getting ready for opening day
1238ANC.DOC was not getting paid enough, which Mr. Choy felt was Mr. Balzarini's common response to anything which Mr. Choy
1243JNU.DOC with whom she was working. She became anxious, and had multi-day insomnia, but felt no motivation to get up
1245INT.DOC by June 12, 1998. The purpose of Ms. Jones' training is to get a "skilled job with good pay" as a dealer
1246INT.DOC by June 12, 1998. The purpose of Ms. Jones' training is to get a "skilled job with good pay" as a dealer
1250FBX.DOC admits she had problems with organization and getting ready on time in the morning. Ms. Jensen received
1251ANC.DOC also receive mail for the neighboring four-plex unit. Occasionally, Mr. Koehler's mail gets mixed up
1261ANC.DOC that they wanted to avoid confronting. Ms. Huckabay and her direct supervisor did not get along; both complained
1289ANC.DOC not think to get assistance as he thought he would be able to complete untangling the trailers by himself
1328RANC.DOC reopening, saying that she did not attend the hearing because she is working, and it "is hard for me to get
1334ANC.DOC , wherein the worker made comments about getting rid of Ms. Hakes. The employer commented during
1341FBX.DOC to get back to Alaska. Ms. Mason's employer had at least one more week of work, then Ms. Mason would
1360ANC.DOC could not assist except for the actual packing. She often worked overtime on her job, so getting
1372ANC.DOC was not paid minimum wage. He did not talk to his employer about his belief he would not get minimum wage
1386.DOC the "PT test," her unit was deploying to Haiti, and so she had to get out. Ms. Shinholt asserted further
1395JNU.DOC with the other employee were not getting done by that employee. When Ms. Baird complained to her supervisor, she
1397ANC.DOC and explained his situation, the shift supervisor just said, “Okay, get back to work.” Mr. Flack
1412JNU.DOC and possibly even clerical worker or tutor during the upcoming school term. However, her chances of getting
1432ANC.DOC he had to file an appeal get the decision changed. Also, he first learned of the biweekly filing
1464ANC.DOC a particularly busy day. Because Mr. Byrnes was alone in the dispatch office, eleven customers didn't get picked
1466ANC.DOC there. Ms. Hrubes and her fiancee' do not have a wedding date set. They hope to get married sometime
1494ANC.DOC from clients who were in the salon getting other services. Ms. McCabe did not remember or keep
1496FBX.DOC individuals to try and get along. Ellie was upset over management's decision to retain Mr. Silva as he
1528JNU.DOC , 1998 to get his boat and gear ready for whaling. Whaling season began the end of April. Usually
1547ANC.DOC that she might not get paid for the two weeks of her resignation notice. She did not verify that belief
1552FBX.DOC which indicates she did not get along with her supervisor, Ms. Sampson (an employee of six years). Ms
1555ANC.DOC manager and the area manager to get relief at the store to allow her to leave. Ms.  Teel was unable
1559ANC.DOC trucks for the City, but failed to get approval on his decision to order a different frame size. Mr
1560ANC.DOC of individuals through her job); teenage son getting into trouble and quitting school; after work assistance
1604FBX.DOC , 1998 to June 14, 1998. Due to the delay in getting her raise monies, Ms. Webster concluded
1616.DOC to stay seated for long periods of time. He also does odd jobs in order to get by. In January 1997, Mr
1634JNU.DOC . Meissner said that she was having to juggle tours to get everyone to all the stops on time. Exhibit 6
1646INT.DOC would get contact names of managers in Tennessee for Mr. Grunst if he were interested in transferring
1653ANC.DOC believed there was a delay in getting his job description updated and that the project manager acted
1664ANC.DOC that there were times she failed to get phone messages to coworkers, but it was the result of her busy work area
1669RANC.DOC the hearing notice. He is not sure why the notice did not get to him, except that "My girlfriend gets my mail
1692ANC.DOC to that location after the summer hires were gone. Mr. Morrison indicated that he wanted Doyon Drilling to get him
1694ANC.DOC . It was not uncommon to get as little as 30 minutes notice in those cases. In anticipation of a field assignment, Mr
1710ANC.DOC metabolism. As the summer season approached, he began to lose weight and get sick more often. Mr. Halsey
1720ANC.DOC maintained the new counter person snapped her fingers at him twice (possibly to get his attention); moved his
1736ANC.DOC wanted to get paid for a lunch break. Mr. Bailey indicated the only time an extra paper is completed
1743JNU.DOC , $7.50 per hour. Mr. Hill quit his employment in order to attend asbestos training. He was not getting
1747ANC.DOC was "on his back." He requested she "get off my back" or he would leave. Mr. Cortez contends he told Ms
1803JNU.DOC parents live there and they are getting older, so he wanted to be closer. In 1988, Mr. Du Commun
1806ANC.DOC a flight, the company must pay for another ticket in the amount of $600 to get the replacement employee
1815ANC.DOC at home that requires an early bedtime for school. When Ms. Coleman worked late, she was unable to get
1830ANC.DOC , "Get the h-ll off Airborne property." Ms. Austin contends Mr.  Gehrer was subsequently discharged
1837INT.DOC have wet surfaces, and the employer's possible light duty jobs involved some walking or standing to get
1838INT.DOC have wet surfaces, and the employer's possible light duty jobs involved some walking or standing to get
1857JNU.DOC . On other occasions, he would be late because he needed to get his rain gear on. Occasionally, Mr. Bustillo
1859ANC.doc broke down or how long it took him to get to his friend. He agreed it was probably several hours. Upon
1863ANC.DOC to call a taxi to get to work. He does not know if the employer has a written requirement to call two
1868JNU.DOC . Dunn's treatment, the port engineer told her to get her oilers license so she could perform other duties
1869ANC.DOC or schedule. She did mention she was getting tired. Ms. Torell maintained one or more vendors refused
1912JNU.DOC if she did not get the job she was waiting on. In addition, she was unsure of the services
1939ANC.DOC on, however, Ms. Lechuga-Gutierrez's legs began to get worse. In February 1998, her physician recommended
1961ANC.DOC to let him (Mr. Smith) go because he was unable to get along with Monica, the supervisor. Fritz had
1974.DOC because he did not receive the hearing notice. He is not sure why the notice did not get to him, except
1979JNU.DOC the reconveyences. Mr. Norton told her it was her job, and he would give her thirty days in which to get her work
2001R.DOC it away because he always gets his mail. The Employment Security Division's computer records indicate Mr
2005ANC.DOC with that operator for several months (without success), trying to get him to place debris out of the way of the dirt
2018ANC.DOC not think to seek a transfer before the school year ended. Ms. Cross also quit because she did not get
2024JNU.DOC , and she has a teenage daughter. Ms. Warren was told that Patty would not be able to get a taxi home
2027JNU.DOC to remodel her home for tenants in order to get optimum rent, remodeling can be accomplished while

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