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0068ANC.DOC or connect the duct to the piece already in place. He decided to slide down the elevated manlift to get
0069ANC.DOC was also counseled after getting into an argument with a trade show person, making derogatory comments
0080ANC.DOC spoke to Mr. Carpenter on December 8 and advised him to find another way to get to work on time. Mr
0092INT.DOC at light duty work. Mr. Greer's brother-in-law helped to get him the position with Portland Habilitation
0106ANC.DOC drawer ajar while she went to the safe to get change. When getting change in the middle of a sale
0109.DOC commitments of hire. She did not expect to get paid. She speculates she may have received the $56 paycheck
0109C.DOC for compatibility, free of charge, before any commitments of hire. She did not expect to get paid. She speculates
0117FBX.DOC , diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and weakness. Because he wasn't getting better, he decided to quit. Before
0119INT.DOC argues that he should not be held liable because he couldn’t get clear communication between himself
0187FBX.DOC , but tried her best to adapt to the restaurant's way of doing business. Ms. Kompkoff agrees she did not get
0191ANC.DOC of remaining home or getting a one-way ticket back to Spokane. The subject of child support was also discussed
0199ANC.DOC it before he could return to work. He recalls telling Ms. Knight he did not have the money to get
0206ANC.DOC and we'll get started on the project. Mr. Combs explained the project involved a client from a previous
0211INT.DOC in the morning and three hours in the evening to get to or from work because of heavy traffic. He lived about 40
0229ANC.DOC was required to attend court on one day, and get his personal business in order before relocating. The employer
0260ANC.DOC , and four chances if not on probation, to not get caught with the product on their client's shelves
0264ANC.DOC manager was placing pressure on getting rid of the higher paid produce clerks. Two other workers
0269INT.DOC on December 21, 1998 in the afternoon. Because of complications dealing with his passport, he did not get
0281INT.DOC in the week he filed. He was not aware he could file the week before and get waiting week credit if he worked
0287FBX.DOC to get into a routine where she would be able to work again. She believed with two babies, getting up
0309JNU.DOC to get married is considered to have left employment voluntarily and without good cause, since this can
0323JNU.DOC did not like getting her daughter up that early. She also felt that it was not financially feasible
0332ANC.DOC locations. Mr. Zimin was upset about not getting additional work, so he left work without notice. He
0333FBX.DOC to be at work without sufficient cause. Mr. Eagle failed to exhaust reasonable alternatives to get to work
0343ANC.DOC had been made aware of the reservation problem, other flight arrangements would have been made to get
0365ANC.DOC . . . . The claimant in this case has chosen the second option and expects to get her degree in December 1994. Since
0375ANC.DOC . Plate) could not stop bothering him (Mr. Tolliver), all he (Mr. Plate) needed to do was to get his (Mr
0391ANC.DOC did not get along with her former supervisor. She was also having personal problems
0409INT.DOC planned to use the pass to get to Seattle on January 24, and had already made reservations utilizing
0423ANC.DOC self-employment should satisfy the requirement of a work search as it would get him off
0427FBX.DOC to get Ms. Waters to quit, and did so in an abusive and threatening manner. Ms. Waters tried filing EEO
0428.DOC been properly delivered. Ms. Colberg relied on her agent (her husband) to get the mail. In Roberts
0437ANC.DOC was busy with her commerical fishing and getting her house ready for a move. Ms.  Lee contends she did
0440INT.DOC for benefits and didn't know she could call on other days as well. She could not get through the phone systems
0442INT.DOC it was easy to get benefits without having to read since she was able to file over the phone and speak
0451ANC.DOC the operator. He did not hear Mr. Clay’s instructions to strip the forms. Being in a hurry to get up
0477ANC.DOC transportation to get to and from work. He was unable to drive any vehicle due to previous arrests. Mr. Wilkins
0526ANC.DOC . On February 15, 1999, Mr. McClung drove a pickup from a work site to get lunch when he lost a piece
0527ANC.doc was also her relief, was often late. She had to get home to attend to a daycare center she runs that had
0537ANC.DOC school because she was not getting enough sleep at night. There were also other, more serious problems
0540JNU.DOC operators do other jobs relating to the water plant such as working on sewage pipes that get clogged. He
0562ANC.doc person." The company's competent person told Mr. Whittaker that getting burned was part of the job. Mr
0577FBX.DOC . Harris related that he was trying to get fired to draw unemployment insurance benefits, attend school
0585FBX.DOC to the Lower 48 before getting leave approved. The employer reluctantly granted the leave, although
0588FBX.DOC been sexually harassed. Mr. Harmon asked permission to enter a worker's office to get tapes dubbed
0593ANC.DOC of this hearing (April 4, 1999), Mr. Mendoza has been able to get around without the use of a cane and has
0603ANC.DOC , and contacting contractors for whom he might get contracts. The claimant in the case now before us is neither
0620ANC.DOC as if everyone would get a pay raise. There is no promise here. All of these were contingent on management
0626ANC.DOC him that he would get back to him, but did not do so. Mr. Lemons left the position to attend
0629FBX.DOC get someone to cover Ms. Morrison’s shift. Ms. Morrison went in to work on Monday, February 1
0641JNU.DOC been trying to get rid of her. Ms. Strobels asked why she didn’t just fire her, and hung up. Ms
0646ANC.doc "'planned to get out of the shop' sometime in June 1999." But, Mark cut her off mid-sentence. He stated
0655JNU.DOC with whom Mr. Cabe did not get along. He discussed it with his employer. They arranged for Mr. Cabe to work
0659ANC.doc was singly responsible for getting to work on time or calling-in within the prescribed guidelines. Mr. Bowen
0680JNU.doc a doctor in Colorado because she could not get an appointment. She looked for work on December 18, 1999
0681JNU.doc a doctor in Colorado because she could not get an appointment. She looked for work on December 18, 1999
0700INT.doc was unsuccessful in getting a job with the District Attorney's office, and felt that the State of Alaska hiring
0702JNU.DOC not allow her to be in permanent status because it would be too hard to get rid of her. Ms. Williams spoke
0720ANC.doc contends he was too sick to get out of bed, yet he did not call a physician. Mr. Gonzales knew he could
0724ANC.doc to the latter stages of pregnancy, it was getting difficult for Ms. Maxwell to bend over to make the beds. Also
0727ANC.doc felt the work was getting dangerous due to inexperienced workers. He decided he no longer desired work
0727CANC.doc at Prudhoe Bay. He felt the work was getting dangerous due to inexperienced workers. He decided he
0729FBX.doc their 13-year daughter. Ms. Maldonado worked until midnight and found it difficult to get up at 7:00 or 7:30
0755ANC.doc , courier, or mail work. He hopes to get a job with the State or Municipality in the near future. He
0756ANC.doc was told it would take two months to get an appointment. He currently has an appointment with his doctor
0757ANC.DOC . Terry just kept getting louder. Ms. Rush finally could take it no longer and quit. Ms. Terry
0764ANC.doc , so Sea Galley did not get their product. He believed he needed to re-issue the credit. The employer
0769ANC.doc . Ames stayed in California to address the custody issue. He was also required to get a medical release
0797ANC.doc . Ms. James-Caires, in both cases, was successful in getting the counseling reduced to an informative
0812JNU.DOC , at which time it was getting dark. When he arrived back at the shop, John Wheeler, the shop foreman, told
0851JNU.DOC with her, Ms. Malone learned that she was not getting the medications she needed. Ms. Malone also realized
0852ANC.doc motion. In response, Mr. Myers stated, "Get your f--king arm off me." After the shoulder incident
0856ANC.doc paycheck to get a flight to Anchorage. The employer and Mr. Sykes agree Mr. Sykes was counseled about
0872JNU.doc . Julius left work in order to be home with her six children. She was not getting as much support from her
0873JNU.doc . Julius left work in order to be home with her six children. She was not getting as much support from her
0880ANC.doc with a counselor, Dr.  Wald, to get to the root of her problems. Additionally, Ms. Smith testified she did not want
0881ANC.doc that they [the mother and daughter team] needed you; you need to get back there." She further said, "I don't want
0889ANC.doc felt her supervisor was out to get her. Ms.  Carroll had been in trouble for not appearing for work
0898JNU.DOC at him that he needed to get the salads done, then, while doing the salads, would yell at him
0901ANC.DOC discussion that he had told the message therapist not to get sucked into Ms. Rhoads health problems because
0919ANC.doc assurances that he would get her more help. That offer, however, seemed meaningless to Ms. Jacob because
0921.doc worked. Her only explanation was that she estimated the hours she worked and did not always get paid
0924JNU.doc , a union representative was successful in getting Mr. Hurst's termination changed from "ineligible
0938INT.doc to get her own business license. The question then becomes whether or not NOAA was the last employer
0978ANC.doc with a private home owner. For the week of April 11, 1999, Mr. Flanagan expected to be getting his tools
0998INT.DOC better get out of the state, and that she had better stay away from him. He would say this in such way
1004ANC.doc knowledgeable and trained employee. Mr.  Green, owner, did not want the public to get the impression his office
1026ANC.doc is unable to purchase a train ticket or gas to get to Talkeetna or anywhere else. Ms. Lovel filed her claim
1076ANC.doc contacted a Slope manager about the return-to-work date. The manager indicated he would get back to Mr
1104ANC.doc printers. Ms. Mane further contends she was not able to get any pages of her UAA assignment to print
1105ANC.doc a new claim on April 1, 1999, because he knew he had a waiting period to get through before he could
1116FBX.doc . Talley was assured the matter would get "straightened out." He assumed the issue was resolved
1120ANC.doc , and dispatched three days per week. It was a busy shop, and people yelled to get things done. When Ms. Ramirez
1125FBK.doc their jobs. She accused him of not doing his job. He got close to her face and said, "Get the f**k out
1133ANC.doc a problem, get your stuff." "You are fired." The employer informed the Alaska Employment Security
1162ANC.doc of finding work there by traveling. In other words, the facts show he was just as likely to get dispatched
1179anc.doc she should get three warnings before termination. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.379 provides in part
1183ANC.doc . Burkle with no vehicle to get to work in Anchorage. Ms. Burkle requested that the employer change her
1210jnu.doc not like to work mornings because he sometimes gets ill in the morning. He also does not like jobs
1248anc.doc for personal reasons, as he could not get along with the foreman. I do not find that the foreman was abusive

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