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0512anc.doc they were being held hostage. Some parents came to get their students off the bus. Eventually, a safety
0518anc.doc found she did not get along with her coworkers at Bartlett. She talked to a supervisor who moved her
0520anc.doc to “get that Indian jewelry off. It does not belong on [her].” Ms. Hill did not take any action because
0522anc.doc the breathalyzer test because she couldn’t get a prolonged breath required to operate the machine. The police took
0533jnu.doc or "on their belly." Mr. Wenzel felt this meant they'd get menial jobs; and · used improper language towards him
0541anc.doc , who was known to respond quickly, promised to research the matter and get back to Mr.  Price the same
0547jun.doc . Gillette is diabetic and the shaking was caused by hypoglycemia. It took approximately two days to get
0562int.doc  .  . . was at kiosk he said he’d get with me just because of that he didn’t care how old he was or how old I
0572jnu.doc was coming on a forklift with another pallet of fish; · because he and Mr. Carillo-Rascon did not get along
0576jun.doc the employer’s policy. Ms. Maxie failed to get permission for the absence, and she has not shown compelling
0580anc.doc and quality to show Ms.  White acted with misconduct when she touched a male coworker to get him off her foot
0599anc.doc for a week. . . . However, the closer a worker gets to the end of the notice period, the less effect
0601anc.doc employment, Ms. Magness worked with her child’s grandmother (Ms. Oviatt). Although they did not always get
0617int.doc a call back. During their last phone conversation, Ms. Krumme requested that Ms. Roberts get a pager so
0625anc.doc voluntary leaving determination within 30 days after it was issued because he contends he did not get it. He
0630anc.doc or those who did volunteer did not show, the board expected her to get the job done regardless. Ms. Bolar
0637anc.doc hired and needing training. Ms. Hagedorn felt the new employees were not getting sufficient training
0657fbx.doc as required, which caused Ms. Modrell and her coworker to work extra hard at getting everything done. Ms
0660anc.doc during lunch if they get approval from their supervisor. Supervisory approval would also be needed to go
0666anc.doc induced, Mr. Gleason had the ability to not drink and not get involved in a dispute with his fiancée
0666canc.doc induced, Mr. Gleason had the ability to not drink and not get involved in a dispute with his fiancée
0671int.doc . She spent the next ten days getting ready to move. She had put her personal effects from her house
0688anc.doc to quit work, especially since she was not getting along very well with the employer at that point
0689fbk.doc the work, but was unable to meet the employer’s expectations. She contends she is getting older
0697fbx.doc living arrangements changed he was no longer able to get to work without taking a taxi. Because Mr
0730.doc to the personnel director, who told her if things did not get better to call her back. In December 1999 she filed
0759.doc to meet with him in his office. Mr. Potter told Mr. Bourn he needed to get along with Ms. Cross
0770anc.doc . It is logical that waiting 30 more minutes for his mother to get off work would not have a significant impact
0783anc.doc file to get credit for the week and meet the same requirements as any other week. Mr. Iversen argues
0787anc.doc contractor dealing with senators and generals and he could not leave his work to get the boxes. Ms.  Quick
0812anc.doc . Edwards would get back to Ms. Honeysett about working in Anchorage. Ms. Edwards did not contact Ms
0815anc.doc , superintendent of maintenance who tried to get Mr. Dipert into an inspector position (August 1998
0854.doc , it is properly left to investigators within the division to get that information. Once it is obtained
0866anc.doc the work, but his primary reason for quitting was that he did not get along with his new supervisor, who he
0870anc.doc worked the employer relied on him to get the job done. Before quitting, Mr. Smith did look for other
0874.doc not always get paid promptly. The Tribunal properly applied the law to the facts. The claimant's explanation
0878int.doc work if the illness actually required the worker to be absent from work; and the worker could not get
0886anc.doc on the property for over a month before Mr. Willey got around to pulling the engine. Mr. Tulin had to “get on” Mr
0889anc.doc she questioned the procedure, the president stated that was his way of “getting back at the Japanese
0902anc.doc had Ms. Shuravloff’s apartment number listed as “16” (Exhibit 8). She contends she does not get her
0907anc.doc trouble getting transportation to work. The job he was on was scheduled to last another week or so. Mr
0911jnu.doc with the merchandise. On March 25, 2000, Ms. Chandler had to scan the merchandise into the register in order to get
0934ANC.DOC his driver’s license for three months. She became concerned he would not be able to get around
0938FBX.DOC . Between March 27 and April 3, Mr. Fairbanks spent his time packing, paying bills, and getting ready
0949ANC.DOC other workers. The bus cost her approximately $1.00 to get to work. Her share of her housing cost
0950ANC.DOC other workers. The bus cost her approximately $1.00 to get to work. Her share of her housing cost
0960INT.DOC that this was taking longer, and she was working until 3:30 a.m. She would get to sleep about 4:00, but then have
0968ANC.DOC hopes to return to school to get her teaching certificate. She has an education degree. Ms. Graebe
0973ANC.DOC and the other employee were working on a car. The other employee told Mr. Lamb that he needed to get stoned
1002ANC.DOC quit work, get rehired within 90 days, and thus preserve her rights to family medical leave when
1010ANC.DOC instances he should get locksmith pay for the cleanup. On February 18, at the end of the day Paul Blakeslee
1021ANC.DOC something else opened. She quit without getting a definitive decision on whether the dentist who wanted
1030ANC.DOC wanted and that he wasn’t getting enough hours” (Exhibit 12). There had been some discussion about
1041.DOC April 27, 2000 appeal sometime after getting around to opening her mail. Exhibit 8 is a May 17, 1999
1043.DOC , it is properly left to investigators within the division to get that information. Once it is obtained
1044ANC.DOC . She asked about getting more help. Mr. Bradley denied extra help because he could not afford to hire
1049JNU.DOC of Vocational Rehabilitation so that she could get help with hand controls for a vehicle. She was in contact
1053JNU.DOC . It was difficult for her to get all of her chores done on Wednesday morning. She could not do any work
1067ANC.DOC . Ms. Lienhart complained to the board president who said he would not get involved and she was to deal
1069ANC.DOC was told he was required to work as many or few hours as necessary to get the job done. He soon learned
1070ANC.DOC from his outside sales work. He wanted to be able to get back to his customers and do more traveling
1072ANC.DOC of trustees of this, and told them that he should be able to get a work-release in six or seven days plus
1077JNU.DOC packing, moving, and other details to attend to before moving. He believes he did not get everything
1079ANC.DOC , who brought the two women together. He requested they both get along with one another. They agreed
1080ANC.DOC for the May 4 orientation. She had trouble getting mail as well as receiving other individuals’ mail
1099FBX.DOC , fiancée, had shown up and he had to get her to work by 3:00 p.m. (five minutes away). The shift
1111.DOC . . . . At the time, Ms.  Ontiveros was out-of-state trying to get her children settled. Also, she was trying to deal
1151JNU.DOC telephoned the Fairbanks office and spoke with the manager, Fred. He asked Fred whether he could get some
1153JNU.DOC . Whitworth demanded that she be given her TAM card before everyone else, saying, “This is BS that I can’t get
1184ANC.DOC . Ms. Brown was able to get away from him, and was granted a restraining order against him. He, however
1193ANC.DOC performance and her alleged inability to get along with her supervisors. Several weeks prior to her discharge
1194_ANC.DOC prior warning about not getting a manager to verify her vehicle mileage before she left the workplace
1200RANC.DOC that if he didn’t get a call by 20 minutes after the scheduled time of the hearing, he should forget
1207.DOC the assistance of a qualified representative of unemployment or even get help from his employer at the time he
1209FBX.DOC because he felt having the union behind him would assist in getting employment. Mr. Johnson discovered
1211.DOC would have a better chance at getting the new job. While in Sleetmute, Mr. Andreanoff and his family
1217.DOC . Ms. Muller contends she was only getting $7 per hour, not the $8.50 reported by the employer. Her
1218JNU.DOC the requirement of a work search as it would get him off "the unemployment rolls." While that may be true, we
1224JNU.DOC could not get a leave of absence or the nature of the illness was such that a leave of absence would
1227ANC.DOC female working with 28 men, so what did she expect. She continually told the salesmen to get away from
1248JNU.DOC child by her previous marriage. From March 18 to April 6, Mr. Williams was involved in getting ready
1286.DOC was that she estimated the hours she worked and did not always get paid promptly. Having filed numerous claims
1286C.DOC was that she estimated the hours she worked and did not always get paid promptly. Having filed numerous claims
1312.DOC , merely telling the agent that he wanted to get unemployment benefits. He did not tell the agent that he
1335.DOC mail. His mother puts the mail on top of the refrigerator. He goes to his mother’s house to get his
1338ANC.DOC assisting children with getting off and on buses, handling coats, eating snacks and lunches, changing
1355JNU.DOC and getting worse. By moving, she has improved her health. The Tribunal concludes she had good cause
1365JNU.DOC in both Anchorage and Chignik as emotionally disturbed. When Daniel gets disturbed, he can reach out
1368JNU.DOC was close, and Ms. Phillips seemed to Mrs. Kensinger to be “agitated.” Mrs. Kensinger did not want to get
1385.DOC in this case apparently did not get his mail for such a reason, we conclude his failure to appear
1396ANC.DOC and Glenn Highways intersection). She was pulling a horse trailer. Ms. Morris was able to get a ride
1398ANC.DOC ’s union advised him that his name was getting close to the top of the union’s out of work list
1423RFBK.DOC in within 15 minutes. Ms. Peter states in her letter that she waited for a call, but did not get a ring
1439ANC.DOC were to get work. She does have a friend, Lisa McGowen, who can provide care on a temporary basis until
1452ANC.DOC , the employer warned Ms.  Rook to get along with the receptionist. Ms.  Rook was also warned, in writing
1459FBX.DOC never warned her about her attendance, but rather told her that she was more concerned with getting
1476ANC.DOC entry” of charts is a common practice at Providence. All nurses in her section do them. No one gets
1504ANC.DOC to sign it. Ms. Whitesell contacted the unemployment insurance office to inquire about how to get
1515ANC.DOC truck on the Glenn/Parks Highways. Mr. Tucker was unable to get into the left-hand lane to make the turn
1524ANC.DOC cursing included calling Mr. Pillsbury “a--hole” and “mother-f--ker.” Mr.  Pillsbury could not get Mr

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