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Appeal Tribunal Decisions

1264JNU.DOC , “I will be out to get you.” By this, Mr. Darrington alleges that he merely meant that he “would
1269RFBX.doc in the hearing as scheduled or speaking with the hearing officer to get an answer to her request to postpone. Ms
1273jnu.doc informed his wife that she better get her butt down to Washington. Mr. Dalton believes there would have
1291ANC.doc and her immediate supervisor, Ms. Smith believed she would still get Fridays and Saturdays off. She knew
1297ANC.doc ." Additionally, he "wasn't getting many hours at Silva anyway." Mr. Andrew "joined [the] union to take
1300ANC.doc asked her coworker to have a seat and she would get a beer. Ms. Artola purchased a beer from
1306FBX.doc I get back. Dee On May 19, 1999, Dr. Thornell met with Ms. Pope about the hours issue. She went
1323ANC.doc made by others. Ms. Homme, human resources manager, admits sometimes their employees do not get along
1328ANC.doc if reasonable efforts to resolve the matter were pursued. If Mr.  Groesbeck failed to get satisfaction from
1331ANC.doc to come to the store to get the deposit, or 3) the district manager is called and advised of the situation
1332ANC.doc to resign, effective immediately, even though Ms. Olson was due to get a new supervisor in a few weeks
1646ANC.DOC $7.00 per hour, and would get a fifty-cent bonus if she was available to work. She worked on call
1659INT.DOC -duty mechanic. He did not feel he was getting adequate medical help in Fairbanks, and so quit his last
1666.doc relied on his ex-wife to handle his mail, although he was aware she did not always get the mail to him
1668ANC.doc a delivery to Ft. Richardson. After getting in his truck, the store worker approached Mr.  Hudson to advise
1670FBX.doc and would have no reason to use profane language. Ms. Collins also denied getting into an argument
1679JNU.DOC credible either. If Mr. Hanlon truly believed that Mr. Van Wormer was trying to get him to lie for him
1683ANC.doc with a cold. Since her physician advised her not to get sick (she was in chemotherapy and receiving radiation
1701ANC.doc . Morgan. Ms.  Bourgeois contends Mr. Zortman told her to get back into her car and drive around
1702ANC.doc (on-call) position "to get his life back together." As such, he relinquished all opportunities to bid
1723.DOC legal problems, although he did not specify what those problems were. Mr. McGovern told him to get his
1723C.DOC legal problems, although he did not specify what those problems were. Mr. McGovern told him to get his
1725ANC.doc the complaint and discussed with Mr. Mullins how to get the store in shape. He also discovered Mr. Mullins
1733ANC.doc , the supervisor told her to "Get the f--- out" and then followed her, yelling until she left the building
1736ANC.DOC may have sped up in order to get around the bus when she saw his turn signal come on. In talking
1741ANC.doc , and that he was quitting his job. Mr. Brown had transportation problems getting to and from work because his
1745JNU.DOC . CONCLUSION Ms. Andrew argues that the law is not fair. She needs the benefits because it is difficult to get
1759INT.DOC , but is, instead, getting worse. Some of the care is done by Ms. Pena’s three children who moved with her. Ms
1763ANC.doc . She entered the company's building through the back door, going through the shop to get to the front
1793JNU.doc welfare. She cried while at work because she was not able to get home until sometime after the accident
1797JNU.DOC was “starting to get to me,” she was starting to have knee problems, and she only received two weeks of vacation
1798JNU.doc the bus is unreliable and would have taken more than an hour to get to work. She does not know
1799JNU.DOC . In order to get paid, Ms. Land submitted trip sheets to the employer which listed the amount earned
1800ANC.doc always responded with "When I get it, you'll get it." Ms. Montgomery admitted her cash flow problems
1801ANC.doc . For the pay period ending April 15, 1999, Mr. Gates contended he did not get paid. Although Exhibit 6
1822ANC.doc :00 a.m., Ms. Mann and Dan returned to work. Mr. Dunsmeyer indicated he would try to get them paid
1824ANC.doc for alleged insubordination. During the last month of his employment, Mr. Horner did not get along with his
1827ANC.doc to "get into" Mr.  Tranquilla's face while in the detention room. Mr.  Jacobsen believed the woman may have
1831JNU.doc helped to get their home ready for sale. Their home sold in one day. They then spent the remaining time
1858FBX.doc on June 19 and started getting abusive (physically) later that afternoon. When he passed out, Ms. Rowlett
1859ANC.doc had tried unsuccessfully for days to get April 3 leave time granted by a supervisor and to get someone
1865ANC.doc to fail. From January 1999 to June 1999, Ms. Bear attempted to get the system corrected. An ergonomic
1876ANC.doc . Mr. Lind had wanted for some time to get the license, but was unable to financially. The employer
1878ANC.doc had taken place earlier in the year. Ms. Jones did not work with Mr. Kur often because she did not get
1884ANC.doc a message on Ms. Jones' voice mail. Ms. Dillon indicated she was unable to get away that day due
1885ANC.doc pregnancy. She was six months pregnant and getting too large to move around the tanning salon where she
1887ANC.doc location. He was demoted because he had received several warnings about getting to work on time
1894ANC.doc a previous employer, and that he quit because he wasn't getting along with the other doorman. Mr. Gibbons
1897INT.doc . She generally tried to take the I-5 freeway to get to work. She believes it took approximately 45
1912ANC.doc money to get to work. The employer said he would call Mr. Berkley back. Later, the employer's wife
1913ANC.doc heard Ms. Barron call a customer a "dick" and witnessed her telling people to get out of the bar. Ms
1930ANC.DOC that he would get $8.00 in a couple months. Mr. Slaughter then changed that again, saying that he would
1943ANC.doc that he should be able to get a work-release in six or seven days plus a day or two of initial processing
1951ANC.doc . The project manager became upset when he learned his men would not get paid. Ms. Soule agreed to find Mr
1959INT.doc it, you can leave. No, in fact, get the f--- off my property." Mr.  Van Druten contends he believed he
1965INT.doc . Hernandez's father has trouble walking and getting around. He and his wife are currently being cared
1982FBK.doc concerned that he was not getting the patient base he had hoped, and that the doctors were not referring
1983ANC.doc had personal problems that prevented her from getting to work in a timely manner. She was late
1988ANC.doc to get medical bills paid. In July 1996, Ms. Poppert had filed a Workers' Compensation claim, which
2018ANC.doc on, one day off four days on, five days off Mr. Oldaker found himself only getting about four hours
2019ANC.doc .  Despotakis, owner, was tired of working long hours and six days per week to get the company's product
2024JNU.doc for the previous two years. She attempted to get back into accounting work, when she was offered the accountant
2031JNU.doc to on-call employees. Mr. Fleet said he would look into the situation and get back to her. Mr. Fleet
2044FBX.doc ' color blindness, but he generally did an adequate job. However, Mr. Friend did get complaints about Mr
2053RANC.doc to appear because of circumstances beyond the parties's control. Getting the dates mixed up
2059ANC.doc supervisor that he needed off on July 26. The supervisor told him to check about getting someone to cover
2075ANC.doc , the Commissioner set new policy as follows: [T]he closer a worker gets to the end of the notice period, the less
2083INT.DOC that her foot appeared to be getting worse, and the doctors could not determine the cause. Finally, she
2105ANC.doc to be home on time or tell his wife where he was. At times, Ms. Rickteroff could get a friend in south
2113ANC.doc to "get her head together." Ms. Mayfield contacted Ms. Workman, office manager, at the work site to ask
2117anc.DOC to Anderson, Alaska to perform in a band. After his late night performance, he decided to get some rest
2120FBX.doc not get around to reading the policy in its entirety. PROVISIONS OF LAW AS 23.20.379 provides in part
2122ANC.doc that he would quit his job if he was unable to raise the money or get the help he needed to get his car
2123INT.DOC disgruntled that Mr. Hughes was getting all the “light” work. STATUTORY PROVISIONS AS 23.20.379. Voluntary
2145ANC.doc by reviewing time cards against the alarm company's records. Mr. Juliussen contends it took time to get those
2158ANC.doc thought I told you to clock out and go home?" Ms. Whidden turned to her sister and told her to get
2195ANC.doc , indicated he would work on getting a license and that the plumbing work would be minor. In late June, Mr
2213ANC.doc , who spoke to the other workers, but without success. She heard the dispatchers were getting a pay
2227JNU.doc mail. He believes it took three weeks to get some mail, and longer if the postal worker was unable
2236ANC.doc . On September 7 when the restaurant started getting busy, Ms.  Nakutis made a comment to the cook, Chastity
2255.doc "just wasn't working out" (Exhibit  23). Mr. Kirton tried to get the employer to let him stay longer
2269INT.DOC for their support, and she is getting the one-on-one reading assistance she needs. While she was unhappy
2277anc.doc minutes. During that time, Mr. Lewicki had descended the structure, on which they worked, to get something
2281ANC.doc , the Commissioner set new policy as follows: [T]he closer a worker gets to the end of the notice period, the less
2290JNU.DOC to get a cabin ready for his family in the Cantwell area before winter and his desire to be closer
2301anc.doc . Although the two did not get in each other’s way, Ms.  Merrifield’s sister was a very private person. Ms
2305ANC.DOC an electrician, but that fell through when he could not get California resident status. Mr. Legrand never
2311.DOC realizing that he would not be able to sell enough tickets to ever get a paycheck, he called his manager
2329ANC.DOC the transportation necessary for him to get medical treatment. On July 30, Ms. Gossett’s father passed away due
2331ANC.DOC he would not be getting full-time work, he decided to quit to seek union employment. Mr. Daniels felt
2343anc.doc packet, but she believes her friend may have helped her report earnings. Ms. Gifford attempted to get
2345ANC.DOC frustration and anger over not being given higher paying projects to work on caused her to get less sleep. Ms
2358int.doc the processing line were hostile toward her because they pushed new employees to get them to rotate on the line
2365ANC.doc . The two women did not get along with one another as a result of a personality conflict. The secretary
2376ANC.DOC . Finally, Ms. Lin indicated she would get the staff together, including the hostesses, to solve the problem
2385ANC.DOC requested. Mr. Strong had gone to the Veterans Administration to get permission to release the number on his
2422INT.DOC hour. She was to have started on August 19. She did not get the job, however, because the person she
2427anc.doc days a week. When not on the road, she is waiting by the telephone for calls or busy getting things
2442ANC.DOC but no appeal forms. He is uncertain if he called the ESD representative after getting the determination under
2446jnu.doc computer courses in order to get a better job. She attends the courses from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday

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